No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1278

“Haha… This means you’re really interested in getting the attention of our Third Young Mistress Cabello, no?” Joshua rubbed his fists when he heard what Jack said and eyed him playfully. “We, the onlookers, have great sight. Do you truly think the White family can be considered as a first-class aristocratic family? To us, you’re no different from those second-class aristocratic families!”

“Second Brother, let’s not waste time talking to this guy. Let me teach him a lesson so he’ll learn the difference between him and the true first-class aristocratic family!” Conley walked two steps forward and balled his fists as Chi surged and covered his fists. It looked as if he had boxing gloves made of Chi.

“Don’t be careless, Third Brother. This guy might have a high fighting prowess and is in the real-god level’s initial stage. After all, he’s the White family master inheritor,” Joshua crossed his arms at his chest as he reminded his Third Brother when he noted how Conley was ready to fight.

However, Conley did not pay much attention to Jack. “Don’t worry—this guy’s just lucky. He had the chance because the talented Lance White of the White family had gone missing. He wouldn’t be the family master inheritor otherwise.” In his opinion, it was definite that Jack did not have a high fighting prowess and luck played a huge part in his journey to becoming the family master inheritor. After all, how powerful would a guy who returned from the outside world be?

Nonetheless, Conley knew he could not kill Jack at that moment. After all, the competition had not started, and this guy was the White family master’s son. Killing him and falling out with the White family was no good starter.

Still, that did not mean he could not beat some sense into Jack.

He came toward Jack in a flash and threw his fist at him.

Daniella knew how powerful Jack was and did not worry for him when hearing Conley’s threat. After all, Conley’s fighting prowess was only at the real-god level’s initial stage. “Haha! You just signed up for a beatdown!”

Such fighting prowess was really powerful before the White family’s prodigies, but they had no idea what extraordinary talents Jack had compared to them.

“Hmph!” Jack wore an ominous smile. Tightening his fist, he intercepted the incoming punch without even using Chi.

“What?!” Keith and Joshua gasped when they noted how Jack did not use his Chi. This guy was downright arrogant. How dare he look down at their third brother like that?

They believed Jack failed to react because he had an incredibly low fighting prowess and vigilance. It was obvious his reflexes were slow to even activate his Chi and had to hurriedly meet Conley’s attack.

Well then, he might be badly hurt or suffer a fracture on his arm from Conley’s punch based on his brother’s combat powers.


They did not expect that what happened next was a powerful explosion, and they saw Conley flying backward like a kite with broken strings at the next second. Vomiting blood, he staggered backward as he landed on the ground before he managed to stabilize himself.

“What is this?!” This time, even Helena and Venus were stunned. They stared with widened eyes and opened mouths, wondering if their eyes played tricks on them.

After all, Jack managed to send Conley flying away without even using his Chi. What did this mean? This meant that Jack’s combat power was much stronger than his.

Jack, however, had an indifferent expression as he retracted his fists. He placed both hands behind his back and, eyeing Conley, smilingly spoke, “How does that feel? Do you think you can easily bully members of the White family? The competition hasn’t even started, yet you dare attack someone on the streets?”

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