No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1281

Utterly displeased, Helena’s expression darkened as she quickly withdrew her hand from Young Master Hunt’s grip.

She would have gotten angry from the start had it been anyone else that held her hand so abruptly…but the fat man before her was the Second Young Master Hunt. Not only was he overweight, but he liked women too and had always involved himself with them.

Alas, this fatty had a high fighting prowess and was talented in cultivating pills. Together with the fact that he had materials to cultivate pills, his fighting prowess was naturally quite high.

Second Young Master Hunt laughed and said, “Helena, you’ve grown beautiful in my eyes. I told my father that I should find a fiancée, and I think you’re the perfect fit!”

“Young Master Hunt, stop joking. I… I already have a boyfriend. Apart from that, I’m almost thirty and I’m several years older than you. We’re not fit for each other!” Helena was livid at his suggestion, but she dared not ruin his image and could only smile embarrassingly.

Second Young Master Hunt replied with a smile when he heard this, “Haha! Don’t lie to me, First Young Mistress. Firstly, I like women who are several years older than me. Such women are much more charming. My heart moved the moment you touched my hand, and I’ve never felt that before!”

Second Young Master Hunt paused here before he continued, “Secondly, you’re obviously lying to me when you said you had a boyfriend. I had asked around recently, and I know you don’t have a boyfriend yet. I plan to ask my father to ask your hand for marriage after this competition so I can make you my fiancée. We’ll get married and have children once we get to know each other more!”

“Mmph!” Helena mentally vomited three liters of blood. Asking her to marry him and have his children was a much worse fate than killing her. His talent and his skills in cultivating pills were indisputable, but he was awfully ugly.

Helena turned down many of the handsome young masters who wanted to date her. She had a headache just thinking about this damned fatty asking her to marry him and have children with him.

“I swear I have a boyfriend!” Helena bit her red lips, and she instantly piped up when her line of sight happened to land on Jack’s back, who was less than 100 meters away.

Their Cabello family and the White family did not have a good relationship. They hated each other, even, and this was a great chance to take. Not only could she make Second Young Master Hunt give up, but she could also make him hate Jack. This was what people would say, killing two birds with one stone.

“Jack, come here quickly!” She immediately waved her hand at Jack after she spoke.

Jack, who had not walked far away, turned his head back when he heard Helena called out to him from far away.

He frowned, though he still came toward them, not knowing why Helena called out to him.

“What is it? Why is the first young mistress looking for me?” Jack walked over and smiled at Helena.

Unexpectedly, Helena gave her a flirtatious gaze the next second and, walking toward him, held his arm and said shyly, “You’re cruel! Just call me Helena. Don’t you like calling Helena?”

“Helena?” Jack frowned and was stunned.

“Yes, Jacky!” Helena responded by calling out shyly. She even shook Jack’s arm and looked so helpless as she relied on him.


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