No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1282

“Jacky?” Daniella and Venus stared in disbelief, eyes wide open at the nickname. Speechless, they wondered if they heard wrongly.

Daniella, all the more, was frozen on the spot. Did her sister not detest Jack? What was she doing all of a sudden?

Of course, she quickly caught on that Helena was using Jack to get rid of Second Young Master Hunt’s badgering. She might be able to frame Jack with this.

Jack also understood what was going on and immediately shook Helena’s hand away, taking two steps back. “First Young Mistress Cabello, please have some respect for yourself. I’m not interested in you, and I don’t want to be your shield.”

Second Young Master Hunt was initially enraged, but knowing what was happening, he grinned as he spoke, “You’re a good actress, Helena Cabello. I almost believed you!”

Helena was naturally unwilling to admit defeat just like that. She immediately caught up with Jack and hugged his arm. “Jack White, how can you do this? Didn’t you say you’re no coward? What’s going on? How can you chicken out when a love rival suddenly pops up? You’ll lose me if you’re acting like this!”

Jack almost fainted; Helena truly was good at blaming others.

He got increasingly exasperated when Second Young Master Hunt did not seem to be any smarter. He was extremely angry when he saw Helena hugging Jack’s arm and growled, “Young man, is what she’s saying true? Are you truly her boyfriend? Are you that suicidal to take a woman from me?”

“Second Young Master Hunt?” Jack had never met anybody from the Hunt family. He was ashamed when he heard how Second Young Master Hunt was addressed and immediately fell into embarrassment. “Second Young Master, don’t misunderstand this. Why would I take a woman from you? Look at her: She’s the one who came to me, and there’s nothing between the two of us!”

Unable to tolerate the nonsense, Daniella walked forward and explained, “That’s right. Second Young Master Hunt, there’s nothing between my eldest sister and Jack. If you think about it properly, everything becomes clearer. Arrogant women like my sister look down on so many young masters. How would she even set eyes on Jack, this young master from the White family?”

“That’s right. Look, even the third young mistress had said it, so you shouldn’t believe in what the first young mistress said.” Jack relaxed. Luckily, Daniella shared a close bond with him or he would never clear his name no matter how hard he tried.

Helena was speechless. She never thought that her sister would speak for an outsider’s behalf, moreover did it in front of her. Did she hold Jack’s hand for nothing, then?

Helena always had a haughty streak in her. How could she admit defeat when she had finally come up with a way to get rid of Second Young Master Hunt?

She turned her gaze and mumbled, “Alright, Third Sister… You like Jack too, don’t you? You want to push me to the Second Young Master Hunt to get him, don’t you…? H—How could y—you do this to me?”

Helena even deliberately sobbed as she spoke, “Third Sister, I’m telling you that I’ve been together with Jack for so long now, so you can’t think of breaking us up!”

Daniella was flabbergasted, not believing Helena would make things up like this just to harm Jack. However, her sister was right in one thing—she did like Jack.

She immediately responded, “Sister, what nonsense are you talking about? How can you harm Jack like this? He saved my life!”

Helena finally realized that her sister was too kind. She must have stood forward to speak on his behalf because he saved her.

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