No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1283

Nonetheless, Helena wanted to insist—she had gone too far to back down. Blushing, she speculated, “Unbelievable, Third Sister… You’d want me to marry somebody else so you can have Jack all to yourself? You… You’re really too harsh!”

Second Young Master Hunt, standing by the side, completely flabbergasted. He had no idea who was telling the truth and who was lying at that moment.

In the end, he looked at Venus and questioned, “Second Young Mistress, what’s the meaning of this? What’s going on between this Jack and your sister? Are they a couple?”

Venus glanced at Daniella then Helena before finally speaking, “Second Young Master Hunt, my…my sister and Jack truly are in a relationship. I just didn’t expect my third sister to have feelings for him too!”

“What? Who’s this young man that two young mistresses from the Cabello family liked?”

“That’s right. All three beauties are famous, yet they’re both infatuated with him? It seems like they’re love rivals!”

Several members of the Hunt family who stood behind Second Young Master Hunt started discussing among themselves softly. Everything felt so unbelievable!

“Nonsense!” Second Young Master Hunt’s face darkened before he growled, “How can a member of the White family be worthy of the Cabello family’s beauties? Isn’t there a big difference between this young man’s identity and yours?”

“Second Young Master Hunt, he’s the family master inheritor of the White family, and he’s likely to be their family master in the future. I don’t think he’s not good enough for us!” Helena was slightly happy when her second sister spoke on behalf of her. This time, Jack was completely done.

“I never thought you’d lie through your teeth, Second Sister!” Daniella looked at her second sister with a blushed face. Were they not driving Jack into hot soup? It would be troublesome if Second Young Master Hunt really hated Jack in the future.

Venus pulled Daniella to one side and said softly, “Daniella, this is a good chance to get rid of this guy. If we get rid of Jack…” She chuckled lightly before she continued, “The White family will have one less true prodigy, and Father will be very happy then! You should stop remembering him as your savior, do you understand? We don’t owe him anything!”

“But… But…” Overridden with anxiety, Daniella glanced at Jack, who stood not too far, and spoke in a half-whisper, “I… I really like him, and I’m already in a relationship with him. I just dare not tell Father yet as the timing is not right!”

Venus was extremely surprised, red lips parted in her shock as she struggled to process the situation. “Preposterous! Stop scaring me, Daniella. The hatred between our families didn’t just come up in these recent one or two years. Even if our relationship isn’t as rigid as it used to be, I’m sure Father won’t agree to the two of you being together. How can you fall for the enemies’ son?”

“Second Sister, you can’t tell anyone about this. You have to keep it a secret!” Daniella pulled her second sister’s hand and pleaded, “Please don’t push Jack into trouble. I’ll kill myself if he dies!”


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