No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1284

Stupefied at Daniella’s revelation, the speechless Venus felt like she was in an awkward predicament.

She gazed at Daniella before saying, “Third sister, I…I’ve just said something about it. How can I take it back, and how would our eldest sister not hate me for it if I did? Mind you, she’s in a sticky situation that’s hard to get out of!”

“But… But…” Daniella was left in a disarray, not knowing what to do.

Running thin on his patience, Second Young Master Hunt yelled, “Hey, hey, hey! What are the two of you speaking about over there?”

“It’s… It’s nothing!” Venus smiled embarrassingly and rejoined them with Daniella. “Second Young Master Hunt, you‘re a handsome gentleman and are the Hunt family’s second young master. Are you afraid that no beautiful woman would like you? I’m sure that there are many talented women out there who’ll want to marry you!”

Daniella immediately agreed to it. “That’s right, Second Young Master! You’re also a master in cultivating pills and have a high fighting prowess, and I’m sure many beautiful ladies adore you. Why have eyes for my eldest sister?”

Second Young Master Hunt was taken aback at their words and, glancing at both Daniella and Venus, he gulped as he breathlessly speculated, “Are you two saying that you like me?”

That shocked Daniella as she quickly explained, “No, what we meant to say is that how can somebody like you have so few admirers, am I right? So there’s no need for you to think of us, right?”

“That’s right, Second Young Master. Look… I already have a lover, so you should forget about me. I’m also old, right?” Helena smiled embarrassingly.

“But there aren’t many beauties like you. I like beauties and they like me, but I still like the three of you as you’re all true beauties with individual characteristics!” Second Young Master Hunt had no plans to give up.

“About that… Second Young Master, I’ve been with Jack for so long now, and I… I’m not a virgin anymore, and I’ve already done the deed with him. So… a prodigy like you don’t have to have a deflowered woman like myself, don’t you think so?” lied Helena through gritted teeth after making sure no one else was in the vicinity.

“I…” Jack was speechless, never expecting that the First Young Mistress Cabello would say such a thing to get rid of this Second Young Master Hunt. Was she not ruining her reputation?

“What about you? You still plan to deny it?” Helena rolled her eyes at Jack flirtatiously as she was afraid Jack would continue to refute. Her eyes seemingly quavered helplessly as she gazed at him, however.

Jack glanced at Second Young Master Hunt, noting that he indeed seemed peculiar. Apart from that, it seemed like this guy had his fair share of women by the tone of how Helena and the others spoke, and it would be a tragedy to see a beauty like Helena marrying such a man.

Sure enough, Second Young Master Hunt’s expression darkened when he heard what Helena said. He had heard all this time that the three young mistresses of the Cabello family were sophisticated and did not have boyfriends. He adored Helena, head over heels for her.

That was why the news of her giving herself to the White family’s young master took him by surprise.

“I don’t believe it.” He was still furious after thinking it through. “Hmph! The Cabellos have a bad relationship with the White family, and I don’t believe that you’re actually with this guy, unless…unless you prove it to me!”

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