No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1285

Helena’s expression seemed to sour as she hugged Jack’s arm, saying, “Isn’t this…enough to prove it? How else do you want me to prove it when the two of us are acting this way?”

The last thing she expected was for the Second Young Master Hunt to insist, “Haha! Didn’t you already give yourself to him? Do you two dare to kiss on the streets? If you don’t, this means that you’re lying to me!”

Second Young Master Hunt grew increasingly angry as he disdainfully added, “Helena Cabello, I’m the Hunt family’s young master. If you dare toy with me, I’ll ask your father for your hand in marriage tomorrow; it’d be best if our powerful families can come together. Should you disagree to our union, I’ll have my father wipe out the entire Cabello family. Hmph!”

“You…” Helena reddened in anger, not expecting the Second Young Master Hunt to go to such extremes with the lives of the Cabello family members.

Second Young Master Hunt had both his hands behind his back as he arrogantly declared, “Why? You don’t dare to? Haha! If so, this means that you’re toying with me. I’m not like the young masters from the other families: the women I have my eyes on can never escape. I don’t care if you’re not a virgin. I’ll get a taste of the First Young Mistress Cabello, even if it means I have to interfere in a love affair!”

Helena was extremely angry yet helpless; things would be irreversible if such a man genuinely asked her father for her hand in marriage.

After all, everybody knew that the Hunt family had two sons, but the one the Hunt family master favored the most was his second son. His son was undeniably talented, but he, more importantly, knew how to cultivate pills. Had he been a more diligent person and trained more, his fighting prowess would have been higher than the eldest young master.

Although the eldest young master was not as talented as the second young master, he was not bad. As he did not like to speak much and loved training in silence, the eldest young master had an obviously higher fighting prowess compared to the second young master.

“Who says I don’t dare to?” In her anger and bitterness, Helena turned and came toward Jack with gritted teeth.

Before Jack managed to react, she stood on her tiptoes and, wounding her arms around his neck, kissed him on the lips.

“No way!” Venus was extremely surprised when she saw this scene as she then glanced at Daniella, who was beside her, in a peculiar way. She had no idea what to say as their eldest sister had actually…for…

“What…?” Daniella was speechless and she had a weird expression on her face.

However, she eventually understood what her eldest sister was experiencing. She would not want to marry the Second Young Master Hunt, too.

“Oh my god…” Many of the passersby on the street were stunned when they saw this. Nobody could ever imagine that the Cabello family’s first young mistress would kiss a man in the streets.

Helena shyly took two steps backward after several kisses and blushingly stuttered, “Alright, do…do you believe it now?”

“Never thought my goddess would be preempted by this guy!” Second Young Master Hunt obviously believed Helena after that. Fists balled tightly, he then turned to Jack as he resentfully growled, “Next-in-line to be the White family’s master, huh? Wait for it, young man. I won’t kill you now, but you can’t blame me during the competition!

“Let’s go!” Second Young Master Hunt waved his hand after he spoke and left with his people.

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