No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1287

“Hmmm, but I don’t think that will happen. Although the Hunt family is strong, the Cabello family is not weak either. Thus, I believe that if the Hunt family were to attack the Cabello family, they’d experience a grave loss as well. And if the loss is too huge, it might jeopardize their number one position among the eight shadow families!”

Jack chimed in after giving the matter some thoughts.

However, Helena rolled her eyes at Jack’s analysis. “That’s because you don’t understand Master Hunt at all. The head of the Hunt family is a domineering and bossy person, it’s just that he hasn’t reached the ultimate god level. If there’s someone on earth who can break through to the ultimate god realm, that someone would be Master Hunt. He has been at the peak of the true god realm for many years. His combat ability is no joke. His martial status is on par with two or even three martial practitioners whose combat prowess is at the peak of true god realm.”

“Is he that strong?”

Jack was taken aback by Helena’s words, and shock dawned upon his heart. No wonder the Second Young Master Hunt was so prideful and arrogant. Jack truly did not expect that the Hunt family would be this strong. They were stronger than he thought. It seemed that he had underestimated the Hunt family’s combat ability.

“Jack, please be careful. The tournament has yet to start and your White family is a first-class family, the Second Young Master hunt will still have some scruples. So I bet he won’t make a move against you now. But, perhaps, during the tournament, he won’t be so nice!”

Daniella bit her rosy pink and alluring lips and said, “The Second Young Master Hunt is at the middle stage of the true god realm, and he has been stuck there for some time. His combat prowess is more powerful and stronger than my sister’s.” She paused and then added, “If he manages to break through to the late stage of the true god realm, his combat ability would be more frightening! What’s scarier is that the Hunt family has powerful martial arts and techniques for them to train, and these arts and techniques are not something we can compete with!”

“Daniella, thanks for worrying about me. I need to leave now.”

It was awkward to stay there any longer. Hence Jack showed a small smile and bid the sisters goodbye.

Daniella breathed out a huge sigh. Her mood was affected. She then walked toward the direction of the hotel where she was staying. She was not in the mood for shopping right now.

“Daniella is out of her mind. She knew that our Cabello family is not on good terms with the White family. After I did that, not only did it get me out of trouble, but it’ll also create trouble for the White family, isn’t this a good thing? Why is she in such a bad mood?”

Helena and Venus were mumbling and complaining behind.

“Big sister, didn’t you know that Daniella is fond of Jack? And that the two of them are actually a couple? It’s just that she dared not tell Father. And now that you’ve caused her lovely boyfriend to be in such a dangerous situation, how can she be in a good mood? Didn’t you see how worried she was for Jack?” Venus whispered into Helena’s ear.


Helena was completely dumbfounded. She remained silent and uttered, “The two of them…are a couple? Jesus Christ, just now I…” Her face distorted.

“Ahem, don’t worry. Daniella won’t blame you. She saw the situation just now, and you had no better idea at that time.”

Venus immediately comforted Helena.

On the other side, the Second Young Master Hunt entered his residence huffily and slammed the door behind loudly. He flipped his palm and a second-grade elementary pill appeared on his palm. “That White b*stard. Humph! Initially, I didn’t plan to participate in the tournament, but since he treated me that way, I’ll start training now and breakthrough to the late stage of the true god realm then I’ll kill all the masters with the surname White. I’ll let him know what the consequences are if you’ve offended me!”

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