No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1288

It was said that the Second Young Master Hunt’s talent in martial art was extraordinary. He managed to fully absorb the essence of the second-grade elementary pill at one shot. He had successfully broken through to the late stage of the true god realm.

Such talent was rare. With his current martial status and combat prowess, many family elders were not his match not to mention the young generation of masters. Besides, the Hunt family possessed excellent martial techniques and high-grade weapons.

Days passed by quickly.

Jack, who had returned to the hotel, was worried that the Second Young Master Hunt would find trouble with him. However, this guy was somewhat trustworthy and stuck to his promise that he would not.

Nonetheless, at this time, the head of the Cabello family—Alejandro Cabello, heard some news from the street.

He angrily commanded Helena’s presence in his room. “Helena, what’s wrong with you? When I was striding on the street, I heard people talking about the First Young Mistress of the Cabello family kissing the Young Master of the White family! You must supply me with a really good explanation this time!”

Helena was rendered speechless. She would not want any news about that incident to reach any ears of the Cabello family. She thought she could escape by not going out that frequently as there were not many people that day and little to no people knew Jack. Since the tournament was in a few days, she thought that it would keep them busy and they would not find out about that incident.

Helena truly did not expect that his Father heard about the rumors from the street just a day before the tournament!

She smiled awkwardly and explained, “Dad, that…that did happen… But, I had no other choice at that time!”

“You were forced to do so?”

Rage flowed through Alejandro like lava that his face changed into a different shade. He clenched his teeth and asked, “Do you know your surname is Cabello? Our family has a long-standing feud with the White family! Our relationship is not grave to an extent that we want to wipe out each other, but all along I don’t want you to interact with any of them! There are skirmishes between the Cabellos and the White! Now, look at you, you’ve disgraced me!”


Helena was speechless. “I really had no other choice at that time! I was pestered by the Second Young Master Hunt that day. That fella said he wanted to come to the Cabello family to ask for my hand in marriage! He asked me to marry him, won’t you feel angry too? I don’t want to marry him! I’d rather find a random person to get married to!” Helena stomped her feet angrily.


Alejandro gasped at the new information; shock gripped him.

He remained silent for a moment before he nodded, “You’re telling me that the Second Young Master Hunt planned to come to our house and propose to you? And that’s why you lied to him by saying that you have a boyfriend? And it just so happened that Jack was there, so you used him and kissed him to make the other party believe in your claims?”

Helena bobbed her head. “Yes. I feel that this is a little mean because the target is on Jack now, but I was out of my wits at that time, I really don’t want to marry him! Besides, I was afraid that because of me, the Hunt family would come looking for trouble with the Cabello family. Although the Cabello family is strong, compared to the Hunt family, we’re like an ant before an elephant!”

Alejandro nodded after knowing the truth. “Helena, don’t take it to heart. It will pass. Indeed, it was a little cruel to Jack. After all, he saved your sister’s life before. But you’ve no other choice then, so please don’t give yourself too much pressure on this matter!”

Helena pursed her red lips and nodded slightly. “The Second Young Master Hunt warned Jack fiercely. He said that he’ll participate in the tournament and if he meets Jack, he’ll kill him!”

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