No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1291

“Right, the best I could do is to break through to the peak of the true god realm. After that, I can’t go any further, so I’ll be waiting for you there. After all, the ultimate god realm is just a myth; it’s too unreliable; it’s completely legendary. If there’s really a way to reach the ultimate god level, I think we would have found it already!”

“Hmmm…about the ultimate god realm, since everyone is talking about it, I think maybe it’s true!”

Jack, however, smiled and chimed in, “Only that the route to this ultimate god realm is extremely difficult. Perhaps, the link that connects to the ultimate god realm had broken during the passing down. But I do think the ultimate god realm did exist in the past.” He added.

Just when the group was happily exchanging opinions, they had arrived at the entrance to the forest under Kobe Mountain.

Outside the forest, there was a spacious meadow. Many families had arrived and gathered at the field in front of the forest.

“The White family is here!”

A man, who sat on the grass, saw that the White family had arrived, quickly announced their arrival to the others.

“Hehe! I heard that Lance of the White family is highly likely dead. And the head of the White family—Nash White—decided to make his illegitimate son the heir of the head of the White family. That illegitimate son has good talent; the White family is actually solely relying on their younger masters to get such a position!”

An old man chortled aloud and said to the people next to him.

“His talent is indeed excellent. But that brat offended the Second Young Master of the Hunt family! So, I think they’re in big trouble this time!”

A young man responded with a cold laugh.

“What? No way! How could he offend the Second Young Master Hunt? They don’t even know each other, right?”

The young man’s speech had sparked interest in the surrounding people.

“It happened like this…”

The young man gathered the people, only then he started telling everyone what he had heard.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. Really? I’m so jealous of that brat! He got a kiss from Helena Cabello, the First Young Mistress of the Cabello family? Any of the young mistresses of the Cabello family is my dream woman! Any of them can be called the queen of beauty! And that brat was…was actually kissed by one of them!”

Another young man expressed his jealousy upon listening to it.

“Hehe! What’s there to be envious of? Soon that brat will be sent to hell. If he is dead, it’d be useless even if he had a beauty by his side! Now, which one is more important? Life or beautiful woman?”

The old man from before said with a laugh.

“If I was kissed by such a beautiful woman, I’m willing to die a hundred times!”

The young man, on the other hand, said smilingly, “Moreover, didn’t this young man tell us about it? That Helena Cabello is no longer pure. Just thinking of the scene makes my every cell dance excitedly! Sigh! That brat is really lucky to have such a beautiful girl!” He drooled and further added, “Besides, that brat is the heir of the head of the White family, the Second Young Master Hunt wouldn’t dare to kill him without any reason, right? Also, they have to meet each other in the tournament for that to happen, right?”

After hearing that, the old man nodded in agreement. “This is true. Although he’s being targeted by the Hunt family, his social status and position is still noble. As long as they don’t meet each other in the tournament, there shouldn’t be a problem!”

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