No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1292

“Look, over there, the Cabello family is here!”

Just as Jack and the others had found a place to sit down, the field once again became lively due to the arrival of the Cabello family.

Jack gazed in a specific direction, indeed, the Cabello family slowly appeared in his sight not far away.

“Heh, this is my first time seeing the three sisters of the Cabello family! I can’t wait to see them!”

Some young men had long heard that the three sisters of the Cabello family were good-looking and alluring. Their eyes could hardly contain their excitement and delight.

“They’re all beautiful, stunning! But it’s a pity that the First Young Mistress is taken by a man called Jack. I’m so jealous!”

Some men, on the other hand, felt pity and lamented.

“Sigh! The First Young Mistress is not young anymore, she’s almost in her thirties, and should actually get married by now. Such a woman, her beauty is already in full bloom. I’m truly jealous of that brat! It looks like what we have left is the Second Young Mistress or the Third Young Mistress, we’ve to find a way to please them!”

A fat guy drooled and swallowed hard just by looking at Daniella and the others across the field.

Several guys, who stood beside the fatty, stared at the pig-like fatty with a disgusted look on their faces. With a pig-like face, it was already considered as fortunate if he could find a wife, not to mention to have the Second or the Third Young Mistress Cabello as his wife. He was like an idiot talking about his fantasy.

The Cabello family chose a place not far away from the White family and sat down to take a break.

Complicated feelings and thoughts dawned upon Helena when she saw Jack from afar.

She did not think much about it when the incident happened that day. But within these two days, she replayed the scene again and again in her mind and pondered on it, realizing that Jack helped her with no other intention.

She falsely accused Jack and Jack tried to refute it at first. Jack could have continued to refute by saying that they were not in a relationship after she forcibly kissed him.

But Jack did not do so. He stood there and remained silent and let the show continue, which eventually made the Second Young Master Hunt believe that they were a real couple, and in the end, he left the scene huffily.

If on that day, Jack insisted that he had nothing to do with Helena, the Second Young Master Hunt would have not believed what Helena had claimed—that they were a couple.

If that truly happened, the Second Young Master Hunt would certainly be angry at Helena, blaming her for fooling him. Then he might stir up trouble with the Cabello family—by proposing a marriage with Helena. And if the Cabello family were to disagree, a fight would be born.

“What the heck was he thinking that day? Why did he choose to help me at the very last moment?”

Helena murmured to herself, her eyes fixated at Jack, full of dazzlement.

“First Young Mistress Cabello, what a surprise!”

Several men from the Norman family approached her out of the blue.

Keith Norman gazed at Helena and the corners of his mouth curled upward, forming a perfect arc. “Strange. Before we came to Kobe City, we saw that the Third Young Mistress Cabello was close with the Young Master of the White family. Tsk, tsk. It’s really out of my imagination that the First Young Mistress is also Jack’s girlfriend?” He exclaimed loudly on purpose.

Daniella was still feeling salty in her heart, although she knew that her sister had no other choice under that circumstance. “Keith Norman, what does this have to do with you? Who is close with Jack is totally none of your business!” Daniella shot up from the ground and said in anger.

Keith did not expect Daniella to be so disrespectful to him, hence he decided not to give in. “I’m just curious. You see, you said before that you and Jack are good friends, extremely ‘good’ friends. And according to the timeline, your sister has not known Jack for that long, right? Should be later than you, right? Then how did their relationship develop so quickly?”

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