No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1293

“How does this concern you? Can’t they fall in love at first sight? What’s wrong with that?”

Daniella huffed. She was so angry that she could feel anger thrummed through her veins. She was already upset with the incident, who knew Keith Norman would deepen the wound in her heart by trying to pick a fight.

Helena sensed the enraging anger from her sister and felt sorry for her. She only thought of getting rid of that damned Young Master Hunt that day and did not expect Jack to be Daniella’s boyfriend. If she had known it earlier, she would not have done that.

Only two people knew about the relationship between Daniella and Jack, which were herself and Venus. They did not dare to tell Alejandro; they could only pretend as if they did not know anything.

“Heh, I intend to clarify that. Your sister is so beautiful. It’s such a pity for her to be with an illegitimate b*stard.”

Keith sneered, smilingly. “To my surprise, it turns out that it’s not so difficult to get the daughters of the Cabello family!”

“Haha! He’s right! All along we thought that the Cabello ladies are hard to pursue. They seemed distant and full of pure and noble aura. We didn’t think that they’re actually sl*tty in their bones! And get laid by the young master of the White family!”

Several guys chimed in and mocked like sour grapes. Jealousy rushed through their mind, especially those men who fell head over heels for the First Young Mistress Cabello.

Many of them looked at Jack fiercely as if Jack had taken their wives away, wanting to tear him apart.

“What’s wrong? The male lead of this drama, why don’t you come out and give a speech? You can talk about your triumph feeling for winning the Cabello ladies.”

Here, the Second Young Master of the Norman family—Joshua Norman—interrupted and looked down his nose at Jack. “You’re composed, aren’t you? Do you know how many men here are envious of you?” He mocked.

“Jack, are you and Helena really in a relationship?”

Nash—who sat next to Jack—had his brows snapped together and asked, “You didn’t meet her before, did you? I think if you’ve not met her before, you should stand out and explain yourself clearly. A lot of men are fond of Helena, and I’m afraid that it’ll become a disadvantage to you in the tournament, although some of them may not be your opponent!”

Nevertheless, Jack sneered nonchalantly, “Father, there’s nothing to explain. The mouth is on their faces, we can’t control their mouths, so they can say what they like. Helena had a hard time then, if I stand out at this time, the Cabello family…”


Nash was tongue-tied at Jack’s answer. From what he heard, he realized that Helena and Jack were definitely not in a relationship, and to get rid of Young Master Hunt at that time, Helena had no other choice but to kiss Jack.

But if Jack did not stand out and explain, the White family would be in trouble!

“Sigh! Fine, you’re not young anymore. I’ll support you anyway!”

When Nash thought of what he owed Jack and Joan over the years, he smiled and gave his support.

He did not blame Jack; if his son chose to do it, he must have a reason. Besides, if it were not for Jack, he would probably be a cold body by now. Hence, his view toward life was simple, as long as he and his family could live peacefully and harmoniously every day, he was content.

“Don’t you blame me?”

Jack was stunned at his father’s reaction. He was surprised that Nash did not reprimand him.

“Haha, you’re my son, and as a Father, I believe in you and I support you. I don’t blame you!”

Nash patted on Jack’s shoulder, chortling.

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