No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1294

Warmth spread across Jack’s chest. He smiled. “Don’t worry. The First Elder is already at the peak of the true god status. I’m not too shabby either. When I’ve broken through the advanced stage of the true god status, we won’t have to be afraid of the Cabello family or the Hunt family anymore!”

Nash bobbed his head. Now that the First Elder had achieved the peak of the true god status, their fighting strength had been significantly increased.

More importantly, although Jack had just achieved the intermediate stage of the true god status, he had a keen fighting talent. Along with that ultimate-grade spiritual tool, the White family would grow even stronger if Jack continued to improve his martial level.

“Oh my. I never thought that he would be such a coward. Hah. I really don’t understand why First Young Mistress Cabello would like a coward!”

When Keith saw that Jack did not supply an answer, he became even bolder in his taunting, not caring about the White family at all.

“Why doesn’t he try to explain himself?”

Alejandro looked at Jack, frowning. His daughter was with Jack not because they were in a relationship, and the White family was on bad terms with his family. Logically, Jack should explain everything. If Jack refused to admit to anything, not only would the Cabello family suffer, Helena would lose face as well.

Yet although Jack was being wrongfully accused, he chose to keep silent. While Alejandro was plenty confused, he was actually delighted as well.

“Do you have a death wish, Keith?”

Helena could not bear to watch on any longer. “Whatever relationship I have with him, and the type of men I like—none of it is your business!” she huffed. “Are you telling me that I can’t be in love?”

“Tsk tsk. You’re mad because we said that your man is a coward?”

Joshua stood up as well, grinning. “Young Miss Cabello, we did not mean to be rude. But you and your sisters are the captors of our hearts. And Jack is an illegitimate son from the mortal realm—a cat trying to be a lion is still a cat at heart. We don’t want a beautiful woman like you to marry a dog!”


Helena was so furious that her face purpled. She clenched her teeth and strode over to sit together with Daniella and the others. “You’d better pray that you don’t run into me in the competition. I’ll make sure you see red otherwise!”

“A dog?”

Nobody expected Jack, who had been keeping quiet all this time, to slowly stand up with a cold smile on his face.

“What’s wrong? Hit a nerve there once it’s about you?”

Joshua gave a cold smile and clenched his fists. “If you’re that angry, why don’t we have a show of strength?”

“All right then. I have no right to deny the great Young Master Norman a duel!”

Jack also gave a cold smile. In a flash, he flew into the sky.

“So fast!”

Many of the youth exclaimed when they saw this.

“That speed is definitely one of the true god status. He definitely has talent. No wonder he’s the heir of the White family!”

Some of the young masters from second-class families stared at him with admiration.

“He may be strong, but the second young master of the Norman family has already broken into the intermediate stage of the true god status. Can this master from the White family match up to him?”

Someone flashed a bitter smile. “That punk from the White family will only invite trouble now, since he was unable to rein his anger. Heh. He’s too reckless!”

“No way about it. You probably wouldn’t be able to hold your anger in either, if someone told you that you were a coward with a finger jabbing into your nose. What sane person would tolerate that?”

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