No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1295

Some people laughed helplessly.

“Okay, I didn’t expect him to be so brash!”

Keith saw Jack actually dare to fight, he was immediately happy, and he flew into the air in a flash.

However, he soon thought of something. It seemed that the best spirit weapon was in the hands of White Family, whether it was Jack’s or not, even if it was in Nash’s hands. For the safety of his son, he was afraid Nash would give it to his son so that he could increase his combat effectiveness during the game.

And even if Jack was the initial cultivation base of the True God Realm, it would not be easy to deal with him if he held on to the best spirit weapon.

“I think you look down on people too much!” Jack said with a smile.

After thinking about it, Keith said , “Boy, let’s set some ground rules. Let’s not use weapons, how about it?”

Jack frowned and didn’t know whether to laugh or not. This guy was actually afraid that he would take out his spirit weapon and that he would lose because of it.

“Yes!” Jack nodded, clenched his fist, and aura surged from above.

“Keith, the games haven’t started yet. Just try to have a friendly competition, but don’t kill him. Just teach him a lesson!” Master Norman said with a smile.

The three sons of his are quite competitive, and their talents are about the same as those of the three daughters of the Cabello family.

He even had an idea in his heart. If the Norman family and the Cabello family became in-laws, it would really be a strong alliance. When the time comes, even the Hunt family will not be able to compete with them.

Moreover, if his three sons marry the three daughters of the Cabello family, they would really make a lot of money. After all, none of the three daughters of the Cabello family are inferior in talent.

Unexpectedly, this damn Jack actually became Helena’s boyfriend, which made him very upset, and he secretly told his son yesterday that if he meets Jack during the game, he must try to kill him. Because in this competition, you can kill at will, and neither the elders of the family nor the head of the family can intervene.

“Don’t worry, father, this kid doesn’t know how far he’s about to fall. He won’t be able to find all his teeth on the ground when I am done!” Keith said with a confident smile.

After he finished speaking, his fist was clenched and chi wrapped around it. He moved and appeared in front of Jack in a flash, moving to attack him.

Facing the opponent’s attack, Jack just hummed, and immediately greeted him with a punch. The two fists wrapped in thick aura instantly touched each other.

A powerful energy suddenly radiated from the place where the two fists met.

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