No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1301

The last time Helena said that Jack was her boyfriend, this made the Second Young Master Hunt, who likes Helena very much, feel very upset. Then finding out that she had given herself after only a few times, thinking about it made him feel panicked!

“No, this, such an important thing, unexpectedly…”

Many young women looked at Helena with strange looks. A woman’s first time, that is very precious, many women will never give themselves to a man easily.

What’s more, the Cabello family is still a top-notch family, and Helena is even the daughter of the Cabello family’s head. They didn’t expect it to be so hasty…

“I don’t care, as long as she is willing to marry I’d be fine with it!” Some men who have long admired Helena for a long time said indifferently.

Obviously, Helena is a very rare beauty.

Helena’s expression was ugly. In order to get rid of Young Master Hunt’s entanglement, she deliberately said this, just to make him give up. Unexpectedly, he was so shameless in embarrassing her in front of so many families.

Alejandro’s old face was even flushed. He knew why his daughter would let out such words, but now he can only grit his teeth and continue to hold back his anger.

Helena’s eyes were red, her nose was sore, she almost didn’t shed tears, she had never suffered such a grievance.

She looked at the Second Young Master Hunt who was standing there hatefully, and then said: “Second Young Master Hunt, this is my own business. Let me tell you, if you do this, it will only make me look down on you more and more. No matter whether I will marry Jack or find another man in the future, I definitely won’t be with a man like you!”

The corners of Young Master Hunt’s mouth twitched fiercely a few times, and his face became gloomy for an instant. When Helena said this, wouldn’t it be saying that any man she finds in the future would be better than him?

These words really made Young Master Hunt very embarrassed. Many people looked at Young Master Hunt, and some were even whispering about him.

The head of the Hunt family also felt embarrassed. They used to be domineering. Unexpectedly, this Cabello family’s little girl would dare not give the Hunt family face and even directly confront his son.

However, it is true that his son shouldn’t say such a thing to embarrass the girl. This is not gentlemanly. No wonder people would be angry.

He smiled as much as possible, and then said: “What’s wrong? Today is about the games. No one should talk about this emotional matter. We’ve all been young before, who hasn’t been impulsive? We are all impulsive, this is only normal!”

After speaking, he deliberately glared at his son: “Chet, why don’t you apologize to Miss Helena? She is free to choose whoever she wants to be with, it’s none of your business.”

Young Master Hunt just took a pretentious step forward, and arched his hands unwillingly: “Miss Helena, I did not think just now. I just felt a little surprised. You have been reserved for more than 20 years. You are almost 30 and have been guarding your body like a jade for so many years. I didn’t expect this to develop so quickly. I was just so surprised that I couldn’t stop myself from saying that. I didn’t mean to slander you. Don’t take it seriously!”

Helena’s face and eyes were red and she stared at the green grass on the ground. How could he apologize like that? His attitude made her feel aggrieved.

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