No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1304

When Nash heard this, he was taken aback, and quickly, he took a breath: “You mean, the people from the Hunt family see that others are developing well and in order to stabilize their status as the Number 1 family, they are taking this opportunity to get rid of the young masters of other families?”

Jack nodded and said softly, “This is very likely. Of course they will also kill some masters in the family that have a bad relationship with them, as well as the forces that have had conflicts with them before!”

Nash’s brows wrinkled deeper and deeper: “The Lagorio family used to be our allies, but now they have become our enemy. The Norman family, the second young master of the Hunt family, and many people who are jealous of your relationship with Miss Daniella, may all attack you. As for the Cabello family, I’m afraid they will also attack you. This time, it is going to be very dangerous for our people!”

“There is no way we can only rely on ourselves, and we have no way out!”

Jack smiled bitterly: “However, I’m not someone who is so easy to kill. Additionally, if anyone wants to harm members of my White family, I will make them pay a heavy price!”

Nash looked at the Tudor family, and said to Jack: “The people of the Tudor family have a very good relationship with us and are worth relying on. In addition, the Canmore family and the Lucas family also have a decent relationship with us. There are only a few small conflicts, but they have to be guarded.”

“Dad, don’t worry! I will definitely be able to come back alive!”

Jack looked serious because he was afraid that Nash was worried.


Nash nodded. At this time, he could only choose to trust his son.

Seeing everyone with a gloomy face and some talking in a low voice, the Master Hunt coughed slightly, and then he said: “Everyone is a cultivator. Everyone has someone that they want to take care of. Everyone will be put in a similar precarious situation inside.”

As Jared said and said, he became impassioned: “It is said that you can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain. There is no one in this world who is able to achieve success without first sacrificing something. You bunch of youngsters need to go through some suffering. Only then will you be able to have a deeper understanding of life. Only this way, will you stand a chance to become the powerhouse at the peak of the true god!”

“Master Hunt is right, what he said is absolutely right!”

At this time, unexpectedly, Trenton actually stood up and said flatly: “Everyone knows for a fact that Master Hunt was able to break through to the peak of True God Realm when he was young. That is because he has gone through countless battles and experienced the meaning of losing countless friends. He has forged on throughout the years, and that is why he has become so powerful. We can’t let our younger generations become flowers in the greenhouse! ”

After he was done speaking, Trenton raised his hands and said in a condescending tone: “Those who understand what I just said, please give a round of applause!”

As he said this, the Lagorio family naturally began to take the lead in applauding. People from other families despised it in their hearts. Trenton’s flattery behavior, but when everyone saw the Lagorio family was applauding, they could only follow suit.

“Can everyone see this? The Lagario family is but a 2nd class family yet Trenton has such a deep understanding of life. I hope that everyone can follow in his footsteps!”

Master Hunt smiled at Trenton, thinking to himself that Trenton was someone who is pretty knowledgeable.

Trenton immediately said politely: “Hey, Master Hunt, there is nothing about me worth following at all. What I said are just my heartfelt words from the bottom of my heart!”

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