No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1311

However, something that everyone did not expect in the next second just happened.

The man in the middle stage of the demi-god of the Lagorio family was easily blasted off by Sally with a punch, and he smashed into the ground with blood spurting out, which was obviously not “lightly” injured.

“No, that’s not right, your power is in the late stage of the demi-god realm!” After the man spit out blood, his face was ugly, and he was shocked. The strength of Sally just now was not in the intermediate stage of the demi-god realm.

“You’re right, I broke through a few days ago, so go and die!”

Sally smiled coldly, flipped her palm, and took out a treasure sword, which appeared in front of the other party in a flash.

“What!” The other two Lagorio family men glanced at each other, and they were so scared that their legs became weak.

If Sally’s cultivation base of the late stage of the demi-god Realm, then the two of them would not have the power to resist.

Originally thought, as long as Young Master Lagorio held on for a while, if the two of them took out Nikini, they would be able to win. Unexpectedly, the young woman who came just now was actually in the late stage of the demi-god Realm. Master Lagorio is not her opponent at all.

Sally pierced her opponent’s heart and quickly drew the sword back, splashing blood everywhere, then beheading Master Lagorio, who was in the middle stage of the demi-god.

One of the guys saw Sally walking towards them.Frightened, he knelt down and said, “Please let us go? We didn’t mean it, we were instigated by Young Master Flynn Lagorio!”

“Yes, yes, it’s this damn Flynn, if it weren’t for him making us do this, we wouldn’t have the guts!” The other guy also knelt down, his voice trembling.

“Haha, let you go? Did you think I didn’t hear what you said just now? Do you think of me as a fool?” Sally smiled coldly as she took out her sword and ended their life.

When the two of them saw that the situation was not in their favor, they tried to flee, but as they stood up, Sally’s sword slashed their necks. They grabbed their necks with their hands in fear, and then fell down.

Nikini ran over excitedly and grabbed Sally’s hand. “Sister Sally, you are too amazing! You have broken through to the late stage of the demi-god realm! If it weren’t for you today, I would be dead!”

“The main reason is that the Young Master’s aura is really strong, and I have been practicing continuously, so I broke through to the late stage of the demi-god realm a few days ago.”

Sally smiled and took out a piece of a healing pill and then gave it to Nikini.

“Thank you Sally, you are so kind to me!”

Nikini swallowed the pill while holding Sally’s arm, and the two looked like good sisters.

“Let’s go, if we don’t leave soon, the smell of blood here will attract the monster beast in a while. If it attracts a powerful monster beast, it will be troublesome!”

Sally smiled: “We all are people who came from the main house after coming from the branch families so we are also from the White family, so naturally we have to help each other out!”

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