No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1322

Jack’s surprised appearance made Chet quite satisfied.

The corners of his mouth raised a sinister arc, and his brows raised, “How about? Scared? Haha, you still have a bit of foresight, you can see that my sword is not weak!”

At this point, Chet lifted the sword, pointed at Jack, and said domineeringly: “Today, I will use my sword to cut off your hands first. Then after you are seriously injured, you can only watch how I will play with your girlfriend for a while!”

‘This is trouble. Jack’s combat effectiveness is really good, he is a master among masters, but unfortunately, what he met was the perverted Young Master Chet!”

Looking at the sword you could see the faint fluctuations of aura, Helena sighed in her heart. When Young Master Chet fought with her just now, the other sword used was a low-grade spiritual weapon. Unexpectedly, this guy also had a middle-grade spiritual weapon.

‘It seems that today I was really in a disaster.’

‘Maybe Jack knew that I am Daniella’s older sister, so he came out to save me?’

Helena quickly thought of a possibility, and couldn’t help but smile. This kid still looks like an infatuated man, but now he has offended Young Master Hunt, and she is afraid that he will lose his life here today.

“Tsk tsk, still so confident!” Jack didn’t care about the weapon. He wrapped his fist in aura.

“Are you without weapons? Or do you plan to use martial skills and still think you can win against me?” Seeing Jack actually didn’t even take a weapon, Chet was slightly surprised.

However, he quickly smiled and said: “Oh, I know, because you know very well that you can’t get any powerful weapons, and you can’t get weapons that can help you increase your combat effectiveness!”

“You attack me first, then we can talk about it!”

Jack was too lazy to talk nonsense with him so he blasted out with a punch, and immediately, a massive wave of aura shot out from Jack.

After the wave appeared, it kept surging, and the billows got higher and higher, and the terrible wave rushed directly at the Young Master Chet below.

“Damn it, this martial art is at least the second-rank low-level, this momentum is too scary!”

Seeing the terrible wave in front of him, the face of Young Master Hunt was serious. Unexpectedly, Jack’s martial arts are powerful, capable of such a momentum, this attack is not much weaker than the attack of Helena in the late stages of True God Realm just now.

Seeing Jack’s terrifying martial arts, Young Master Chet didn’t dare to slack in the slightest, and immediately poured aura into the sword in his hand.

The sword uttered a terrible screaming sound, and the fluctuations on it became more and more intense.

“Leaf Aura Slash!”

Young Master Chet displayed his powerful martial arts again. This time, these leaves were obviously much larger than the previous ones, and they were much more solid.

Obviously, after changing to a more powerful spirit weapon, Young Master Hunt’s attack was obviously much stronger than before.

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