No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1324

“You still felt that someone else was watching us in secret?”

Helena was astonished. She didn’t feel it at all, and she didn’t know Jack had been watching the two of them fighting.

However, if this is the case, Jack was fighting just now, and he should be more focused on fighting. Why did he feel the other two?

Seeing Helena’s face with confusion, Jack smiled and said: “I am an alchemist. You are already much stronger in mental power, and my perception of the surroundings is stronger than you. Moreover, I can feel that the other party’s aura is very strong It is estimated that the cultivation level is not low.” At this point, Jack paused before continuing: “So, in the presence of outsiders, I’d better let this Young Master Hunt go first.”

Helena was embarrassed, and said with a gloomy face: “Fine. It seems that if you fight with him, you can win. But how did you know Chet didn’t have any other trump cards? They are from the Hunt family. When I fought with him just now, I definitely didn’t exert all my strength, at first I was going to toy with him.”

Jack also didn’t expect that Helena would still have the face to argue with him. He couldn’tCan’t help but smile coldly: “Right, yes, you just assume that I can’t beat him, but somehow I took you and escaped safely, and you? If I didn’t show up in time, you would have died there!”

Helena bit her red lips, then lowered her head, and asked a little nervously, “Then, you know that Young Master Hunt has such a high level of cultivation and is so powerful in combat, why did you have to rush out for rescue? For me? Are you not afraid of death? I ruined your reputation and asked you to pretend to be my boyfriend. Don’t you hate me?”

Jack was taken aback, but said: “Hate? Originally I was upset, but I thought about it later, and I know you couldn’t help it. Besides, if I didn’t recognize our relationship later, it wouldn’t have worked. When the time comes, people from other families will say the two of us played with them and treated them as idiots!”

“Then why are you saving me?” After Helena thought about it, she couldn’t help asking again.

“As for saving you, I don’t know clearly. Maybe I don’t want a beauty like you to be ruined by that fat man!” Jack replied, taking it for granted.

After Helena listened, she was slightly disappointed in his heart. She raised her head and looked at Jack, and asked, “Is there no other reason?”

“Other? What else? Just save one person. At that time, I didn’t think much about it. I don’t like that fat man. Of course I can’t let him succeed!” Jack replied indifferently. After a short pause, he frowned again: “If I had to say another reason, maybe it’s because I feel that you are not that bad in nature, not to mention that you are still Daniella’s sister! I and Daniella are super good friends!”

Hearing this about Daniella, Helena was a little bit lost, and she couldn’t tell why she felt so lost. She doesn’t know if it is because she gave this guy her first kiss.

“Okay, thank you so much!”

Helena smiled, trying not to think too much in her heart, and silently telling herself that this is the boyfriend of her sister Daniella, and she and this guy have nothing with each other. Jack didn’t expose her lie, which was pretty good.

Jack looked down at Helena’s chest, her clothes cut and blood was still flowing out from there.

“Your chest is still bleeding!” Jack frowned before saying.

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