No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1326

After swallowing the pill, Helena found that the wounds on her body had started to heal, and the healing speed was obviously faster than that of their family’s pill. The effect was much better, that even a little scar could not be seen.

“Your White Family’s healing pill is so powerful? It seems that your White Family’s research on these kind of things are very powerful!”

Helena felt the pill’s power and lamented.

“It’s not from the White family. I refined it when I had nothing to do, and even refined a fair bit!”

Jack smiled wryly, before continuing, “When I’m free, I’ll teach the others in the White family, and they will then be able to use better healing medicine in the future!”

“I didn’t expect you to have such talent!”

Looking at Jack next to him, Helena’s eyes were gradually filled with more appreciation. “I have to say that the boyfriend my third sister found was really good in all aspects. Not only did he have good talent, but he was also nice to others and so handsome as well.”

In her heart, she unconsciously felt a little envious. Why hasn’t she met such a good man in so many years?

Perhaps, if Jack wasn’t the boyfriend of her third sister, wouldn’t this encounter between her and Jack be a perfect encounter?

After thinking about it, Helena’s eyes turned into a daze.

“I think there is a cave over there and it’s getting late. Why don’t we make do with it for the night?”

Jack looked at Helena and said, “Your clothes are soaked in blood, why don’t you go in and change your clothes first. I’ll guard the outside while you change.”

“You’ll be guarding me?”

Helena frowned, and quickly said embarrassedly: “Then how do I know you won’t peek?”

Jack was ashamed, and said helplessly: “Suit yourself, if you don’t want to change, and think you’ll be comfortable wearing these blood-soaked clothes, then don’t change it. It’s just that your clothes have got several holes, and I’m afraid that no matter where you go, you’ll still be stared at.

Helena’s pretty face blushed immediately as she looked at Jack, and then said: “Okay, but you can’t peek! If you peek, I… I will tell my sister!”

Jack was speechless for a while: “You? Tell Daniella? Tell her that I peeked at you? Hehe, won’t you be embarrassed telling her this?”

“Hmph, quit pretending, do you think I don’t know? You and my sister are the ones in a real relationship. She herself has already admitted it!”

Helena then snorted coldly as she started to walk towards the cave and said: “So, if you are a pervert and dare to peek at me, and my sister finds out, you’re definitely finished! At that time, she would definitely break up with you!”

Jack walked behind and couldn’t help muttering softly: “If she really offered to break up with me, that would be great!”

“What did you say?”

Unexpectedly, Helena hearing was really sharp, as she stopped and looked at Jack with a puzzled look.

Jack hurriedly said: “It’s nothing, I can’t help it. I have a wife, and I’m much older than your sister. Hey, she was the one who pestered me. I can’t help but accept my fate!”

Helena immediately looked at Jack’s with contempt in her eyes, “Keep pretending, do you think I’ll believe you? You must think that my sister is young and beautiful, that’s why you could fool her. My sister, she is just too innocent, having never seen the world before, she was deceived by a man like you. You must lack conscience to be able to say that my sister took the initiative to chase you!”


Jack knew that no one would believe it when he said this. After all, which man would not be tempted to meet such a young and beautiful woman? Even when he was riding a horse with Daniella, he felt a kind of restlessness in his heart that he had never experienced before.

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