No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1332

“It can’t be that you’re just having fun with her Master? You are too irresponsible if this is the case. Besides, Miss Helena is so good-looking, I’d think she is a good match for you as well!”

Another young man from the White family was also shocked. He couldn’t imagine it. Jack only wanted to fall in love with the Cabello family eldest lady, but not marry her. If that was the case, if Helena knew, she would be very sad.

After Jack heard it, he was embarrassed in his heart. For a while, he didn’t know how to explain it. If he explained the truth to them and these guys accidentally spread it out, saying that they are fake lovers, then the Hunt family and Master Hunt will definitely be unhappy.

Moreover, people from other big families will also think that Jack and Helena were playing with them. After all, before entering the forest, before the start of the game, they both admitted this.

Jack instantly felt the pressure of this.

He simply waved his hand, “How can I think so far out now? We don’t know if our personalities will match in the future.”

Seeing Jack’s frowning face, Yule and Beth looked at each other. They could tell that Jack and Helena were fake lovers, and that now Jack could only bite the bullet and continue to pretend.

“Okay, okay, there is no need for those of us to worry about the relationship of these young masters, my goodness…”

Beth stood up and gave the two young men a glance. She flipped the palm of her hand and took out three black tokens and a white token. There was also a second-grade low-grade spirit grass and several first-grade spirit grasses: “Master, you should keep these things. It’s not safe for us to hold it. The most important thing is that if we hold it, we won’t be able to win the top few places in the competition. If you hold it, only then can we win honor for our White family when we rank high in the individual competition!”

Yule also laughed and said: “Yeah, Jack, before our White family participated in the competition, we didn’t have a cultivation base as high as yours, and the combat effectiveness was not so strong. So, at that time, we had all the tokens we got in the competition. Holding them separately, in this case, obviously none of our personal rankings were high. However, the overall ranking was still good. But in this case, we will still be laughed at by other families!” At this point, Yule paused, then continued, “But, it’s different now. We can give you all the tokens we get, so that we can compete in the individual competition, and we can also have someone at the top!”

Jack was silent for a moment, and then he took the tokens and spirit grass, and put them away: “Okay, I will take these tokens. I think you should go with me. In this case, it will be safer to follow me. I’m afraid those people from the Hunt family and Lagorio family will take action against our people.”

Yule frowned at this, then after thinking about it, she said firmly, “Brother Jack, let’s go separately. The forest outside here is very big. Those from the Lagorio family or the Hunt family probably haven’t gathered together much yet. Although if we walk with you, it would be safer, but if we go together, it will be difficult to find more tokens.”

Beth also nodded: “Yeah, how about this, let’s gather at the foot of Kobe Mountain, and then go up the mountain together. It is safer since there are more tokens on the mountain and it is more dense, hence I guess there are many people rushing over there!”

Jack thought for a while before he said: “Well, let’s do it this way, you guys go your separate ways, and should you meet any of our White family members on the road, do spread the message to them, and get them to pass on the message to other White family members as well. We will gather at the foot of the middle of the mountain, and when the time comes, everyone will go up the mountain together! After all, there will be many people from other families gathered together at that time. If we still move separately, it will be too unfavorable for us!”

“Okay, We must let everyone inform each other, try to be careful, and then get more tokens!” Beth said with a smile.

“Well, do be careful!” Jack nodded and said at last.

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