No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1333

“Jack! Great!

However, at this moment, a familiar voice sounded, and a woman flew over from not far away.

After she reached Jack, she jumped into Jack’s arms with excitement, hugged Jack, and said: “Great, I’ve finally seen you. I was worried about you! ”

Jack was ashamed, he did not expect Daniella to be so excited after seeing him.


Yule and the others had weird expressions on their faces. There were two guys, and even the oldest had his jaw drop to the floor, completely stunned.

Isn’t the Cabello family’s eldest Master Jack’s girlfriend? Why did this Daniella plunge into Jack’s arms without saying a word? Could it be that they all misunderstood it?

“Ahem, Daniella, you…”

Jack reminded her hurriedly.

Only then did Daniella look at her side, her face flushed, and then she stepped back a few steps: “Uh, uh, I haven’t seen Master Jack for a long time. We have a really good relationship, hehe, so I was too excited, don’t get me wrong!”

Everyone was ashamed, this explanation was too unconvincing, haven’t they entered and been separated for merely a day? This girl actually said that she hasn’t seen Jack for a long time?

“Hehe, we understand, we understand!”

Yule smiled, and looked at Beth. They weren’t stupid, how could they not tell? Daniella must also like Jack.

However, what made them feel a little strange was that even though Daniella knew that Helena was Jack’s girlfriend, she still wanted to fight with her sister over him?

“Ahem, um, let’s go first!”

A man from the White family stood up and coughed twice, obviously not wanting to stay here as the third-wheel any longer.

“Go go!”

Yule and the others also smiled, and they did a goodbye gesture towards Jack, as they flew away one by one.

“Look at you, I was misunderstood by them now!”

Jack looked at the back of those White family members leaving, really dumbfounded. Daniella was still a little too young, sometimes easily impulsive.

Daniella also felt that she was wrong. She lowered her head, bit her lips, and said, “I didn’t mean it. I just haven’t seen you and was worried about you. Moreover, this is not a misunderstanding. After all, I am your real girlfriend. You said that you were responsible for me, unless you were fooling around with me?”

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