No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1336

“Yes, my eldest brother is right, this woman is one of the best beauties, it would be a shame to kill her like this! What do you say? You wanna taste her?” Joshua smirked: “Anyway, in these games, you can kill casually. Even if we play her a bit, then kill her, her father would not dare to do anything!”

Conley immediately echoed: “Yes, my two brothers are too right. Daniella is not Jack’s girlfriend yet, maybe she still has not given herself to him!”

“That makes sense!”

Another master from the Norman family also had a smirk: “If this is the case, we can have some fun for a while, you can share them together!”

“The two of us also want to try!” The other two Lagorio family men also had smirks on their faces, looking at Daniella, swallowing fiercely.

After all, such a beautiful woman is really rare. The three golden flowers of the Cabello family are the dreams of many men. Conquering any one of them is something worth bragging about.

The two Lagorio girls were speechless, and secretly thought that they were acting like pigs at the sight of a beautiful woman.

“You are a group of idiots!”

Listening to these guys, Jack was speechless. He was holding an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon. Not to mention whether this treasure could help him increase his combat power, it was also a flying tool. In terms of speed, if he wanted to take Daniella away, they wouldn’t be able to catch up with him.

“You’re talking awfully big right now!”

Keith took a step directly, and then waved his big hand. “Everyone, if you want to taste the third lady of the Cabello family, then let’s join hands and kill this kid!”

“Big brother, the sword in that kid’s hand seems to be the flying sword. This is a high-grade spiritual weapon. Let’s be more careful!” Conley said after thinking about it.

“Don’t worry. Under normal circumstances, flying swords have the function of flying, but their combat attributes are relatively weak. This thing can fly very fast, but in terms of combat effectiveness, I’m afraid it won’t work well!”

Keith apparently knows spiritual weapons very well. After a light smile, he said confidently, “After this kid is killed, the sword will belong to me, how about it?”

“Yes, it should belong to big brother!” Joshua and Conley said in unison.

Several Lagorio family masters, although they were very jealous of this treasure, they are all at the initial stage of the True God Realm. Although jealous, they can only silently acquiesce.

“Boy, time to die! Have a taste of our Norman family’s second-rank intermediate martial arts!”

“Random Sword Slash!”

Keith injected different auras in his body into the sword in his hand, and the sword in his hand immediately the lit up, and there was a frightening sound coming from his sword.

Joshua and Conley also immediately took out their weapons and injected the aura in their bodies into them.

The other five people followed suit, drawing their weapons and preparing for battle.

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