No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1339

A terrifying arc-shaped slash flew directly out and landed on the chests of the two brothers, killing them instantly.

“It’s too… too amazing!”

Daniella on the side was already dumbfounded. After a while, she swallowed her saliva.

Jack collected all the loot from the eight people, and then he came to Daniella for a moment, before smiling at her, “Let’s get out of here quickly, otherwise people will know it’s me who killed these guys. When it’s time to leave the forest and the Norman family finds out, even if they won’t make a move for the time being, they will definitely find trouble with our family in the future!”


Daniella nodded obediently. She actually stretched out her hand and held Jack’s hand, then they flew forward together, quickly disappearing from the place.

After the two flew for a while, they stopped, and Jack took out the tokens and spirit grass in their rings, and put it into his ring. Then they threw all of the rings collected in the grass.

Daniella, who was on the side, felt sweet in her heart. Jack actually kissed her proactively in front of those guys. This really surprised her. She never thought that such an old-fashioned, very serious guy would be so emotional as well.

Thinking of the previous scene, Daniella’s mouth unconsciously showed a silly smile, and she was still a little nervous.

“By the way, yesterday, I saw your eldest sister!”

Jack thought for a while, then said to Daniella: “The second young master of the Hunt family has actually reached the late stage of True God Realm. This guy’s combat effectiveness is really high. Your eldest sister is not his opponent. Fortunately, I saved her at a critical moment and escaped with her. Otherwise, I’m afraid your eldest sister would’ve already been killed.”

“No way! My eldest sister’s cultivation base is so high, she has already broken through to the late stage of True God Realm, and she actually couldn’t beat the second young master of the Hunt family!?”

After listening to Jack, she couldn’t help taking a breath: “The second young master of the Hunt family is really a master. He knows how to make pills and has a good talent for cultivation. If he joins the young master of the Hunt family, the strength of those two people will be even more terrifying.”

After finishing speaking, she looked at Jack, then smiled and said: “Your combat power just now, I feel it is comparable to the strength of a true god peak powerhouse. You’re too powerful, no wonder you could save my eldest sister! She must be very grateful to you for saving her. In the future, the relationship between our two families will get better and better!”

“Yes, what happened between our two families before and why? For many years, the relationship between the two families has not been very good and I don’t know exactly what kind of hatred is there between our White family and your Cabello family!” After thinking about it, Jack looked at Daniella with a solemn expression.

“Hey, old grievances, it’s been many years!”

Daniella smiled bitterly, then said to Jack: “It was your grandfather and my grandfather trying to snatch a treasure back then. As a result, the two sides fought and died together. Later, the two families began to have a bad relationship, and they fought. A few times there have been many deaths and injuries. So, now that so many years have passed, there are still some frictions between the two families. However, there is no direct war!”

After hearing this, Jack was a little bit dumbfounded: “That’s it, it’s actually a normal thing to snatch each other for treasures. After so many years, it should actually be let go.”

Daniella smiled again: “I feel it, in fact, my father and your father don’t hate each other anymore, but no one thinks that they are wrong, and they are prideful, not wanting to be embarrassed. Therefore, every time they meet, They are still like enemies, to put it plainly, they are doing it for the sake of their reputation.”

Hearing this, Jack was speechless, but thinking about it, if he was the head of a first-class family. In this case, who would bow his head to admit his mistake to the other party?

Daniella took a step forward and took Jack’s arm: “Don’t worry, when we get married in the future, the relationship between the two families will definitely get better. I will definitely convince my father!”

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