No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1340

Not long after Jack left, several contestants from the Norman family once again came to the place where they had fought before.

After they found the corpses on the ground, they looked ugly.

“It’s over, the three young masters are dead, what can we do?”

One of the men in the early stage of the True God Realm frowned: “Especially the two young masters, Keith and Conley, they are the most hopeful of inheriting the Master’s position. They are also the most powerful masters in our Norman family. With them dead, I’m afraid we’re going to lose this competition!”

The other man on the contrary, was slightly happy in his heart. At this time, he actually chuckled: “It is indeed a big loss, but well, since the three sons of the master of the house are dead, doesn’t it mean that we have hope to inherit the position of master of the house in the future?”

The man in the early stage of the True God Realm was overjoyed after hearing this, yes, these three masters are dead, their current cultivation base, among other masters, is considered very high, isn’t it? They have the greatest hopes to be the heads of the family in the future.

However, he quickly suppressed the joy in his heart, and then said to the people: “I don’t know who killed our Master’s three young masters. It is really disgusting!”

“There are still four Lagorios here! It’s impossible for the people of the Lagorio family to do it. The people of the Lagorio family are not so powerful. Moreover, judging from where they lie, the opponent should be standing opposite them. Therefore, the Lagorio family’s people and people in our family should have teamed up with each other, but they were still not a match for their opponent, and then they were beheaded!”

There was a girl who looked at the situation here and analyzed it again: “The most important thing is, you can see the look of fear in everyone’s eyes, which is enough to show that the other party is really too strong, so much so that our eldest master did not even have a chance to escape!”

“Yes, in this case, I feel, The opponent is definitely not one person, one person who can kill eight people who were considered strong, and they did not even have a chance to escape, is just not possible!”

The man at the early stage of the True God level also nodded: “If anyone can do it, it must be someone in the late stage of the True God Realm, and there are strong people who can fight against the peak power of the True God Realm, for example, The eldest young master of the Hunt family, as well as the top masters of the Canmore family and the Lucas family!” The girl nodded, but insisted: “I feel that even if there was such a strong person, it shouldn’t be possible with just one person, and it was two or three people who worked together to prevent our people from escaping!”

“Well, now we can only guess, everyone is gone, and I don’t know the specific situation. Besides, even if it’s from the Hunt family. The young masters did what they did, and there is nothing to do about it. In this game, it was originally agreed that they could kill at will within this month.”

The man smiled bitterly, and then said to the people: “Let’s try to hide as much as possible. Four of our strong men have died. Now we don’t even have anyone in the middle of the True God Realm. Let’s try our best not to go to the depths of the forest and look outside here to find the tokens, and not lose too badly, what do you think?”

“Just outside?” The girl frowned, “If we don’t go to the depths of the forest or the mountains, doesn’t it mean that we are likely to lose to a second-class family? If we not only lose to a second-class family and also lose to a third-class family, then we will be shamed!”

The man also sank, and after a moment of silence, then said, “Okay, in order not to be shamed, we can go in, but if we meet a strong person from a first-class family, we immediately surrender and hand over the things, what do you think? It’s better than death, right?”

“This is also true. Even the three sons of our Master were killed. It seems that this time they really met some lunatics who are not afraid to cause trouble!” The girl finally nodded helplessly. If this goes on, the Norman family would have suffered a lot of losses. Should the family master know that all of his three sons were dead, he would probably be half-dead with anger.

At this time, Jack and Daniella flew slowly to the deeper part of the forest, continuing to search for tokens.

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