No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1347

Jack also smiled coldly, and walked directly outside.

“Oh, I didn’t expect it, there was actually a couple in there!”

Hugh, who had just arrived at the door, was shocked when he saw Jack and Daniella, and then he smiled playfully.


Leann was also taken aback after recognizing Jack, and quickly smiled, “Tsk tsk, I didn’t expect Jack to be with Miss Daniella.”

“Yes, isn’t he in a relationship with Miss Helena? Isn’t it a romantic relationship? Why are you sneaking around with Miss Daniella now!”

Hugh also smirked, “I didn’t expect it. You two, you actually have a relationship!”

Daniella was so angry that she put her hands on her chest, and said angrily: “We are just staying here overnight and doing nothing! What are you talking about?”

After speaking, Daniella smiled coldly again: “Oh and Leann, you are too shameless, don’t think we haven’t heard what you said outside earlier on, hehe, actually planning to use your body to do business. Letting the people of the Trevino family help you kill the people of the White family. I have seen shameless people, but never have I ever seen such a shameless one!”


Leann was so angry, but soon her anger was suppressed, and then she said strangely: “Hehe, who knows what the two of you, before we came, do. Perhaps something shameful? Then when you heard us talking outside, you quickly put on your clothes, and said that we were shameless, when in actual fact, women like you who rob your elder sister’s man, are the shameless ones!!”

“You, do you think I am as shameless as you?”

Daniella was so angry, “We were just inside, ready to spend a night!”

“Spend the night? We won’t know how you intend to spend the night either would we?” Hugh also sneered.

At this time, the guys waiting below flew up one by one, and then asked, “Master Trevino, why are you still not going in? Who are you chatting with?” When they came to the crack, they looked at the two inside. After looking, he was surprised and said, “My God, I really didn’t expect that there are still people in it. Isn’t this the heir to the Master of the White family? And the third young lady of the Cabello family!”

“No, aren’t the family relationships between these two not good? Why is the third Miss and Young Master White together?”

A guy, after thinking about it, said in a puzzled manner, “That’s not right, isn’t there a romantic relationship between the eldest and this kid? Why is the third lady here?

“You guys are filled with nonsense!” Jack’s face darkened, and then said: “I heard your conversation just now, that you wanted to kill our White family, haha, you really don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Unexpectedly, this kid is quite crazy. Do you really think that your White family is one of the eight great families? Our Trevino family members will not admit it!”

Hugh smiled coldly, clenched his fist, and then facing Leann said, “Leann, didn’t you want me to help you kill off the White family? It just so happens that there is a big fish here!”

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