No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1348

“Okay, Master Trevino, help me kill him, this kid is indeed a big fish!”

After hearing this, Leann immediately brightened her eyes and said with great joy, “Master Trevino, if you kill this kid, I will be happy to stay with you every night for this month!”

“Haha, okay, I will hold you to it!”

After hearing this, Master Trevino laughed extremely happily. He couldn’t help but slap hard on her ass.

“Ah, Master Trevino, you are too naughty!”

Leann said coquettishly.

“These couple of dogs!”

Jack shook his head helplessly, and then said to the young master Trevino, “Hugh, I heard that you are the grandson of the third elder, and you are also the most talented, with the highest cultivation base in the Trevino family, with cultivation in the late stage of the True God Realm, it is really not easy to reach there!”

“Hehe, boy, you still know me well!”

Hugh smiled, and then said, “No way, even if you kneel down and beg for mercy now, I won’t let you go, because I have promised this beauty Leann!”

“I didn’t plan to beg for mercy!”

Jack clenched his fist, and then rushed straight to the other party, “I want to tell you, that with such a good talent, if you don’t want to live well, you have to die, and there’s no reason to blame me!”

“Keep talking big, I heard that you are only in the middle stage of the True God Realm. You came back from the outside world, a trash bastard, and you still want to kill me?”

Seeing Jack rushing over, even daring to attack, Hugh also clenched his fist, and threw his fist at Jack.

Due to the close distance between the two, neither of them used aura, but the terrifying power in their bodies still made people feel stunned.

A slightly dull roar sounded, and in the next second, Hugh, whose cultivation base was significantly higher than Jack’s, was actually blown away by Jack for more than ten meters, before he managed to stabilize his body.

A man who was not far behind him before, could not have imagined that Hugh would be blasted by Jack. He couldn’t react to it, and was directly knocked into by Hugh. A mouthful of blood spurted out and hit him. On the ground, his face was pale, and even though he was in the middle of the demi-god stage, he was actually seriously injured.

“What a powerful impact!”

Each of the other people flew farther away. Many of them were at the cultivation level of the demi-gods, and only one was at the early stage of the true gods.

After all, there were not many masters in the True God Realm, even in first-class families.

“No, it’s impossible!”

Leann, who flew to the side, was even more frightened, wondering if she had seen it wrong.

After thinking about it, she breathed a sigh of relief and said to Master Trevino, “Master Trevino, you are so careless. You must have underestimated this kid, so you didn’t use your full strength before you were blown away, however his power is really scary, you can’t underestimate this Jack White!”

Looking at the woman he had coveted for a long time, how could Master Hugh admit that he was embarrassed?

He suddenly smiled awkwardly, “Yes, I really underestimated this kid just now. This stinky kid must have specially practiced some kind of exercise for the body, so the power of his body is very strong!” At this point, Hugh again smiled at Leann, “Don’t worry, this time, this young master is going to use aura. This kid is not as good as me in cultivation techniques. He is definitely not my opponent!”

After finishing speaking, Hugh clenched his fist, aura kept pouring out, and then looked at Jack bitterly, “Boy, you have really irritated me. This time, I have to go all out!”


Jack just sneered, and immediately squeezed his fist, and aura kept pouring out.

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