No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1350

Hugh, whose cultivation level has reached the late stage of the True God Realm, can be said to be among the top masters of the Eight Shadow Families. In such a competition, he was completely at the top.

With such an existence, even if he could not beat the opponent, it was definitely no problem to escape, and the possibility of being killed was very small.

Unless, their opponent’s combat effectiveness was much stronger than them.

Hugh was dead, which made the Trevino family’s faces pale in fright, and they couldn’t believe this fact at all.

“Run!” After the other people reacted, they immediately prepared to flee.

Jack dared to kill the grandsons of the third elders of the Trevino family, not to mention the fact that their cultivation bases were much lower, and their status was also much lower than the Trevino family masters.

However, Jack shook his sword with a few flashes, and several consecutive sword chi flew out, directly beheading those who tried to escape.

There was another flash, and Jack appeared in front of the woman named Leann.

Leann looked around and found that the other Trevino family members had all been beheaded, leaving her alone.

She turned pale with fright, and saw Jack holding the sword in his hand and slowly raising it, Leann actually knelt down suddenly.

“Master Jack, please forgive me? My level of cultivation is not worth mentioning in front of you!”

“Master Jack, as long as you can forgive me, I’ll give you all my tokens!”

Leann knelt in front of Jack, begging for mercy.

Seeing that Jack injected aura into the sword in his hand, and had no intention of agreeing to her pleas at all, Leann was even more frightened.

However, she suddenly thought of something again. As she bit her red lip, she tore her own clothes from the neckline, suddenly revealing her seductive white skin.

“As long as you forgive me, I am yours. Before this game is over, you can play with me however you want!”

Leann looked straight at Jack with a firm expression on her face.

She still had some confidence in her heart. Although she was not as good-looking as the three daughters of the Cabello family, she is considered the best in shape and the most charming of so many girls in the Lagorio family. She knows that deep down inside all men, they just simply cannot resist her femininity, where even some elders who are in their 40s or 50s would peek at her every time she twists her skirt and walks forward,

“What a shameless person!”

Daniella, who was in the crack, saw that Leann was trying to tempt Jack. She gritted her teeth in anger. She’s too much. This woman is really shameless.

However, what Daniella didn’t expect was that Jack was only stunned for a second, before the sword in his hand went straight down, and Leann’s head fell instantly and she immediately died.

Her corpse also fell to the ground with the falling of the head, and the silence was deafening here again.

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