No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1354

“Damn, that brat from the White family is here!”

There was a young man from the Hunt family who after seeing Jack, his face sank: “I heard that the combat effectiveness of this kid appears to be very good!”

“It is indeed a bit troublesome!”

Among them, the man in the middle of the true gods of the Hunt family, called Oswald Hunt, couldn’t help frowning after he saw Jack.

However, he quickly smiled coldly and said: “It is indeed a little trickier, but there are many of us. Now that Venus and the other Cabello family members are already injured, even if they join forces they would not be our opponent either. It’s just that we’re probably going to suffer a lot of losses!”

“You’re really quite confident!”

Jack flipped his palm and took out the black sword, and then injected his aura into it.

“This kid’s sword fluctuations are great!”

Someone quickly discovered the special sword in Jack’s hand, and his face sank slightly, and said to the two strong men of the Hunt family.

“Damn, this guy’s sword seems to be an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon. Only our Master has one of these things. This kid actually has such a treasure!”

Oswald’s expression was extremely gloomy. With a flick of his palm he took out his lower-grade spiritual weapon and held it tightly in his hands.

Originally, it appeared to be a very good lower-grade spirit weapon, but now when it was held in the palm of his hand, Oswald actually didn’t feel too good when facing Jack and his weapon.

“Don’t be afraid, the people of the Lagorio family will attack these people of the Cabello family. Our people of the Hunt family will first join forces to besiege this kid surnamed White. As long as you kill this kid, then, the weapon in his hand will be ours. That’s it!”

The other man in the middle of the True God Realm looked at the sword in Jack’s hand, and his eyes were full of fire. If this thing was taken, his combat power can be increased by a lot.

When Oswald heard it, his eyes also brightened. Although this time, I am afraid that he will pay a heavy price, but as long as he can kill Jack, it will be worth it.

Seeing the two of them, Jack couldn’t help but sneer, with their level of cultivation, they still wanted to rob him of this treasure! This is looking down on him!

“The idea is good, but let’s see if you have the ability to execute it!”

Jack smiled coldly, and slashed out several sword auras in a row.


The people of the Cabello family rushed together at the people of the Lagorio family again, while the people of the Hunt family all retreated and wanted to fight Jack.

“Second sister, I’ll help you!”

Daniella flashed and rushed out to help Venus.

Terrifying sounds of fighting resounded once again. Several members of the Hunt family who faced Jack’s random attacks of sword aura, without even having the opportunity to resist, were directly beheaded.

“Chaotic Sword Slash!”

“Chain Slash!” The two who were in the middle-stage of the True God Realm used two first-grade martial arts.

They all thought that Jack had merely used an ordinary attack, and that since they were using martial arts, it would be very easy to defend his attack and even try to injure him in response.

However, what they didn’t expect was that Jack’s sword aura was so fast, and that the power of that attack was even more than they had expected, destroying their slashing attacks in mere moments.

“No way, this kid hasn’t even used martial arts yet, just…”

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