No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1355

Oswald’s face sank. The fiery look in his eyes that longed for the best spirit weapon had long ceased to exist, and instead, it was a solemn color that was never seen before.

At this moment, he felt the horror of Jack and the terrifying ability of the man in front of him.

“Hehe, I won’t accompany you to play slowly, I’m afraid that many of the Cabello family will die!”

Jack smiled, and once again poured aura into the sword in his hand. The fluctuations on the sword were a bit more stronger than it was before.

“Flame Slash!”

Jack stepped out, and suddenly slashed out with a sword, and a terrifying slash went straight to Oswald.

On top of this slash was a faint heat, as if it was a fireball, carrying an incomparably hot aura, and shot towards Oswald in a flash.

“Damn, what kind of martial skill is this? Second-rank advanced?”

Feeling the terrifying nature of Jack’s attack, Oswald turned pale with fright, and didn’t know what to do for a while.

“Knife Slash!”

He immediately used his most powerful attack, but unfortunately, it was of no use at all. Jack’s slash instantly destroyed his attack, and the remaining sword aura landed on him.

Blood splashed, and Oswald’s body was split in two by Jack’s slash. He also fell directly from the air and instantly died.

“Damn it, Master Oswald is dead!” The other man in the middle of the True God Realm turned pale with fright when he saw it. He slashed out with his sword and was about to escape.

However, Jack, also using a sword, easily destroyed his attack, and chased him in a flash. Using another Flame Slash, Jack killed him easily.

Those other people of the Hunt Family, seeing that two strong people were dead, one by one, were even more frightened and fled in all directions.


Venus and the others were almost killed by these people before. At this time, how could they plan to let them go? They pursued them one by one, and quickly killed those people.

The guy in the middle of the True God Realm of the Lagorio family saw that the two strong men of the Hunt family were beheaded, and naturally planned to escape. Unfortunately, under Jack’s pursuit, he also failed to escape.

“Master Jack, thank you so much. You are really amazing. If it weren’t for you today, we would be dead!”

Several young women from the Cabello family flew over and looked at Jack with admiration. There was a bit more enthusiasm in each of their eyes, as if a fan had seen their idol.

“Yeah, Master Jack, you are too powerful, I feel you are much stronger than the second lady!”

“No, why do I feel that Master Jack is much stronger than our eldest lady. earlier on he was using only one sword aura and two people in the Middle Stage of the True God Realm were actually killed by him!”

“Master Jack, I love you to death, your fighting power is really powerful, I admire it too much.“

There were several Cabello family girls with looks of infatuation on their faces, and some even wanted to confess to Jack directly.

Venus on the side was embarrassed in her heart. What’s the matter, she was too shocked.

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