No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1356

“Cough cough, Sister, don’t be depressed, he is that powerful. Haha”

Seeing her second sister’s aggrieved face, Daniella smiled heartlessly. She knew very well in her heart that the second sister and the eldest sister were both idolised by the younger generations in the Cabello family. Now that the other Cabello family masters praised Jack so much and regarded Jack as an idol, naturally, Second Sister was a little sour in her heart.

“Yeah, no way, they are indeed much better than me.”

Venus curled her lips, thought for a while, and said unconvincingly, “But well, it’s mainly because he has an Ultimate Grade Spiritual Weapon, if I had an Ultimate Grade Weapon, then I may also not be inferior to him!”

Unexpectedly, Venus’s words attracted Daniella’s eyes, “Legend has it that there was another kind of treasure that was more powerful than a Spiritual Weapon, called a Spiritual Treasure, as mysterious as the Ultimate God Realm, but unfortunately, no one has seen it, if anyone has a Spiritual Treasure, it would be simply amazing!”

“Spiritual Treasure?”

This was the first time Jack has heard of such a thing, and he could not help but be startled since, within these legends, there was the legend of Ultimate God, the legend of the Spiritual Treasure, and in the Cabella First Elder’s ancient book, were spirited grass of the third and fourth grade, and even the third-grade pill. All of this was definitely not a coincidence. Jack felt that this Ultimate God Stage must have existed in the past.

“Hehe, if I really have a spiritual treasure, maybe even the eldest master of the Hunt family can be easily beheaded, maybe even the Master of the Hunt family will have to give way to me.”

Venus said with a smile, her hands on her chest.

“Hey, how will we divide the spoils this time?” After Venus finished speaking, she looked at the corpses on the ground, and then asked Jack.

When Jack heard this, he couldn’t help but frown. This time, several masters in the True God realm were dead, and there were also a lot of demi-gods masters. There might be many tokens contained in their rings.

However, although this time, it was because of his appearance that Venus and the others were saved, he was still embarrassed to ask for it.

Moreover, the people of the Cabello family were already clearing the spoils.

What Jack did not expect was that he hadn’t spoken yet, but Daniella took a step forward, and then said to Venus, “Second sister, the reason why you could win and survive this time round was because of Jack. Let’s see, if there is a token in the rings, give it to him. Anyway, these rankings are just for reputation, and their White family has never won a good ranking, right?”

Venus gave Daniella a vicious look, and secretly thought that this girl was really too… She turned her elbow out before she was married. Once she married, would it turn out alright?

But when the thought of Jack really helping them, Venus nodded, “Yes, however many tokens there are in the rings, give them all to him, after all, this is the second time he saved our Cabello family, as for the spiritual herbs and weapons, we will split them 50-50 then!”

“Ahem, there are so many people, and if everyone gave the tokens to me, I’m afraid the White family would truly be in contention this time around.”

Jack coughed awkwardly, then smiled modestly.

“Master Jack, just accept it. You saved our lives. Could it be that our lives are not as good as these tokens?”

Before Venus could speak, there was a young girl from the Cabello family who spoke up as she looked at Jack with a smitten look on her face.

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