No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1357

“Yes, especially since you saved Miss Venus, and you are a couple with Miss Helena. We are all a family, so you don’t need to be too embarrassed!”

Another young girl, with big doe eyes, stared at Jack blinking, the corners of her mouth curved in a seductive smile unconsciously as if she could not wait to pounce on Jack immediately.

Seeing that these girls, young masters of the Cabello family had all become unreserved, Venus was speechless in her heart and glared at them fiercely, “What are you girls doing? Why are you all surrounding Jack? Don’t forget, you are all ladies, don’t you know how to be more reserved?”

Seeing Venus was angry, the young women took a few steps away in anguish, but they still couldn’t help stealing a peek from time to time to look at the handsome and powerful man in front of them.

Daniella didn’t think there was anything wrong. On the contrary, since so many talented girls liked Jack, this only showed that Daniella’s choice was right and that she had a good eye.

After a while, everyone collected all the loot they got, and there were more than twenty black tokens, and in addition to that, there were two white tokens.

“There are so many tokens, take it quickly, otherwise I can’t bear to part with it!”

Venus waved her hand, and those tokens flew up and floated in front of Jack, and then gave Jack a blank look. The face that was already pretty was even more charming with this blank look.

Jack laughed and put all the tokens away.

“Well, for spirit grass, can I choose some for myself, because some spirit grass is more suitable for alchemy! But don’t you worry, I will definitely not take more!”

Jack said after looking at the spirit grass.

“You are able to do alchemy?”

Venus was startled, and her red lips parted slightly. Alchemy was a skill, and it required people with strong mental power, and the kind of fire attribute in their aura to have the opportunity to make alchemy. Even then, other cultivators who could refine ordinary healing pills were already considered very good.

Then, alchemists were even rarer, they are a completely rare species. The Cabello family’s elder and the Hunt family’s second young master are all good alchemists. It is precisely because of this that they have become the objects of worship by many people.

Venus couldn’t think that Jack, a kid who came back from the common world, could actually practice alchemy.

“Of course he can. He not only knows how to make alchemy, he is now also considered a first-grade high-level alchemist!”

Daniella said of Jack, her face full of contentment, and when she turned her palm, she actually took out the first grade premium pill that Jack gave her, and then swayed in front of her second sister, “Second sister, look, this is what Jack refined, and he gave me a gift!”

“My goodness, a first grade premium pill! It is really a first grade premium pill! Such a pill is very useful for people at the True God Realm. I would not expect that Jack would actually give such a precious thing to the Third Lady after refining it!”

Several young people from the Cabello family looked at the pill in Daniella’s hand enviously. No wonder the First Lady would fall for Jack so fast and would forcibly kiss him on the street, such an excellent man, who would not be able to resist, it was simply too heartwarming.

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