No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1359

Of course for some people, it is because of poor talents, and there is really a bottleneck. There is no way.

“Okay, let’s go! Remember, from now on the people of the Cabello family and the White family will be in the same family, you know? If you meet again, don’t have any disputes!” After finishing, Venus waved her hand and said to the other Cabello family masters.

After Jack listened to it, his heart felt warm. He hoped that through this competition, the relationship between the two families would get better and better. At least, the three sisters of the Cabello family no longer hate them, as long as they are in the future. It couldn’t be better to say good things in front of Alejandro.

Soon, Jack and others left.

And not long after, the second young master of the Hunt family came here with several people from the Hunt family.

“No, it’s Oswald and the others! My God, Oswald and Yale, they were both in the middle of the True God Realm cultivation base, they were actually killed?”

Looking at the already cold body on the ground, the Hunt family members were shocked. There were a lot of Hunt family members who died here, and their cultivation bases were very good. I didn’t know who they were, but someone actually killed them.

“From the situation of these corpses, the fighting here was not only very fierce, but it should be Oswald and Yale who united the masters of the Lagorio family and besieged the people of the Cabello family together! It’s just, unexpectedly, they were not the opponent of the other party.”

After Chet carefully looked at the surrounding situation, he said with great certainty: “Among the people of the Cabello family, those who can kill Oswald and the others, there is only one person!”

The man from the Hunt family nodded immediately: “Yes, only Helena the eldest of the Cabello family. Venus’s combat effectiveness is also good, but there is no chance to kill Oswald and Yale. Moreover, This Lagorio family’s master was also in the middle of the True God Realm. At the same time, they killed three people in the middle of the True God Realm. Only Helena could have done this!” Chet’s expression sank, “There is no monster here yet. Come here, this shows that they shouldn’t have left very long ago. Let’s go, let’s rush to the depths of the forest to see if we can catch them!”

At this point, Chet clenched his fists tightly again: “This Helena, it seems that after escaping the last time, she started to kill our Hunt family. It’s better not to let me meet her, otherwise, I will show her the consequences for fighting with our Hunt family!”

The masters of the Cabello family obviously became very enthusiastic about Jack, and they would listen to Jack’s words one by one. Even Venus, after Jack saved her life twice, There was no resistance to Jack either.

At night, everyone found a relatively large cave to sleep in, and Jack again took out the materials used to refine the pill last night, preparing to refine the pill.

“Jack is going to make pills, try not to speak, let him concentrate on alchemy!”

Venus saw Jack take out the alchemy furnace, and she was slightly happy. If Jack succeeded this time, then this one Jack would definitely give her the pill.

When she thought that she was about to get a first grade premium pill, Venus was full of expectations.

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