No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1360

“Awesome, I can witness the handsome man refining alchemy!” A young girl whispered to another girl next to her, and looked at Jack’s eyes full of worship.

“Yeah, this is very rare!” The other smiled and said softly, fearing to disturb Jack.

“The entrance of this cave is a bit big, so it’s easier to be discovered!”

Venus looked at the entrance of the cave, but she frowned, feeling a little worried.

However, she believes that her Cabello family is one of the Eight Shadow Families, and it is still a relatively advanced family. Among the families who came to participate in the competition this time, there is not much that can scare them, as long as it is not too bad for luck,there should be no problem.

As time passed, Jack’s alchemy speed this time was obviously much faster than when he made this pill for the first time.

After all, with the last successful experience, this time, his confidence is a lot more than before, and he is more familiar with refining the pill.

“It should be coming soon, it seems to have begun to form. I saw the First Elder refining a pill once!”

Venus looked back at Jack again, and she was relieved. She believes that it will only take a while. If no one comes to bother Jack, you will know if you can succeed at that time. Judging from Jack’s expression now, it seems that there is still a great chance of success. Jack’s face is very plain, and everything seems very good.

“Hey, there is a cave here, go, let’s spend the night here tonight!”

However, what Venus did not expect was that at this moment, a man’s voice came from outside the cave.

“Okay, cousin, the entrance of this cave is quite big, hehe, it should be enough for us to live for one night!”

The voice of another woman rang quickly, followed by the chatting of several men. Obviously, there seemed to be a lot of people who came this time.

Venus’s face sank, and at this time, Daniella also stood up and came to her side with a solemn expression.

“Second sister, what should I do?”

Daniella asked softly.

“What else, go out and see who it is!”

Venus smiled bitterly, and walked out with Daniella and several masters from the Cabello family.

When the two of them came to the entrance of the cave, the group had already arrived not far away.

When Venus saw it, she sighed with relief. It turned out that she was just a master from a third-class family, and these people were obviously not a threat to them.

“Oh, Master, no, there are people inside, but they are still from the Cabello family! It’s over!” When a fat man saw that Venus and others came out, he was very scared and hurriedly siad this as he back away

These are only the masters of a third-class family, and those with the highest cultivation level are barely able to have a master in the demi-god realm late stage, not even a person at the top of the demi-god realm, let alone True God Realm early stage.

Therefore, when they saw that they belonged to the Cabello family, all their faces turned pale, and they immediately took a few steps back from fear.

“Everyone, we, we were robbed of our tokens by the Hunt family before, and now we have no more tokens. I hope you can let us go!”

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