No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1363

Both of the Cabellos were fast; one charged toward Chet on the left, and another on the right. They arrived in front of Chet within seconds and punched their fists out at him in anger.

“Hmph. Trying to stall me?”

Chet frowned and then laughed sinisterly. “Seriously, I don’t know what would be the use of you guys holding me up. Haha! You’ll still be my spoils of war in the end, sooner or later!”

In just a blink of an eye, he took advantage of the gap where Venus was slightly faster than Daniella and instantly blasted two punches toward the ladies.

Two loud thud sounds pierced through the air, and in the next second, Venus has blasted several meters away, only then she managed to stabilize her body and landed on the ground.

However, Daniella—whose martial status was only at the early stage of the true god realm—was blasted several feet away, and after falling onto the ground, mouthfuls of blood gushed out of her mouth. Her face blanched in an instant.


Venus looked in the direction of Daniella, her eyebrows knitted together. “You…you’re already at the late stage of the true god realm?” She stared at Chet with a solemn yet intense expression.

“Haha! I was a fan of procrastination and didn’t fancy training and practicing my martial arts. And I still broke through to the middle stage of the true god realm in no time. But this time, to make sure the Three Golden Flowers would be no match for me, I specially trained a little harder before the tournament and broke through to the late stage of the true god realm! So now, not to mention your sister who obviously is not my opponent, even if the three of you join forces together, you guys are still no match for me!”

Chet laughed hard and then sneered with a playful expression, “The reason why I want to break through so badly is because I want to make sure I can own the three of you. So that you’ll know that I, Chet Hunt, the Second Young Master of the legendary Hunt family, is not someone you can mess with!”

“Shameless b*stard!”

Anger rose in Venus like a tide as she listened to his words. She stared deadly at the other party with malice and hatred; she did not at all see this coming, that this Young Master Hunt was a shameless b*stard!

“Shameless b*stard?”

Chet chuckled loud again. “What’s so shameless about me? Even if I kill all the masters of the Cabello family, it’s still within the rules of the tournament. But, I won’t kill you now, I still want to have some fun with you. I’ll keep you with me, and when we go out to public places, I’ll show everyone that the Three Golden Flowers are my women!”

Chet’s eyes were covered with madness. “If the three of you carried my babies in the future, that would be even better! Maybe, by that time, each of you heavily pregnant with a baby belly will beg me to marry you!”

“Dream on! Even if I die, I won’t marry you!”

Fury vibrated through Venus’s whole being. Chet used to have a decent image and reputation. Unexpectedly, he completely tore off his disguise in the midst of this tournament.

Venus clenched her fists and the chi energy once again desperately gushed out and enclosed her fists. She then blasted out a punch toward Chet.

A huge fist-shape chi energy soon appeared before Venus. She shot out an incomparably solid fist-shape chi energy—that was taller and wider than a man—toward Chet. The chi attack carried thick and harsh chi energy, heading straight for Chet.

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