No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1365

Not to mention that Chet was the prodigy among the masters. The technique he used was a high-level technique of the Hunt family. Venus was no match at all.

Nevertheless, a dark silhouette bolted out from the cave within milliseconds at that moment and stood in front of Venus. A sword aura was cast out toward the front.

The sword aura appeared and landed directly on top of the palm-shaped chi attack. The two chi attacks clashed wildly together, and in the end, they neutralized and canceled each other out.

“Jack! You’ve done refining the pill? That’s great!”

Seeing that it was Jack who blocked Venus, Daniella’s spirits flew high, at the same time, the boulder in her heart was lifted. She had seen Jack’s combat prowess with her own eyes. He was so much stronger than her second sister—Venus.

“Yup, the pill is completed. Thanks for helping me to earn some time. I was about to succeed, and if I was interrupted, everything would be ruined and I’d have to restart the whole process!”

Jack bobbed his head and then looked at Venus who was behind his back. “Leave it to me!”

“You, alone? Are you sure you can defeat him? Why don’t I join forces with you and perhaps we have a chance to win that way!”

Venus was a little concerned.

Without responding to Venus, Jack flipped his palm and took out a healing pill for Venus. “Retreat to the cave. This fatty sc*mbag, I’ve long wanted to teach him a lesson, and this time there are no intervening factors; no one else is here. I won’t let him off the hook again this time!”

“Tch, tch! Who else can that be? Of course, the b*stard Jack is here. Last time I let you get away with Helena. Today, God sent you to me again, I won’t let you have the chance to escape anymore!”

Once Chet saw that the dark figure was Jack, he started to laugh coldly. Then he wheeled his head to face Daniella and Venus, “Oh, now I get it. You two were trying to earn some time for this b*stard, right? Waiting for him to finish refining the pill and come out to rescue you! Hehehe! What a bunch of naïve toddlers. This b*stard escaped with your sister from me! Do you think he could save you when he was the escapee?”

“I believe in Jack!”

However, Venus stepped forward and voiced her faith. “Hmmm. What’s that name again? Oswald? Oswald Hunt? Wasn’t he killed by Jack in a blink of an eye?”

“You killed him?”

The Second Young Master Hunt was taken aback by the new piece of information. He was surprised. “Right, I forgot, that you were able to rescue Helena right under my nose, so your combat prowess should be similar to Helena’s. It looks like you’ve also broken through to the late stage of the true god realm!”

Chet halted before continuing, “But, even if you’ve broken through to the late stage of the true god realm, that’s of no use too. Helena is in this realm and she’s considered as one of the tops and yet she is no match at all!”

“I didn’t kill you last time because, first, I don’t want to offend the Hunt family, and second, I sensed two unfamiliar auras hiding under the shadow that time. If I were to kill you that time, they’d have fled immediately and reported to their masters. Then, when the tournament was over, everybody would know that I killed you. That’d be bad!”

Jack responded with an emotionless face. “But now there are no outsiders here, and the things you’ve done recently have made me set my mind to kill you!”

“Wow, set your mind to kill him? Brat, aren’t you a little bit too arrogant? The strength and power of our Second Young Master is not something you can be compared with!”

A master of the Hunt family—who was standing aside—sneered and had his arms clasped before his chest, as though he was hearing the biggest joke ever.

“That’s right, our Second Young Master Hunt’s talent is so powerful that even the First Young Master has to be careful with him! It’s just that he was slacking before and didn’t really like to train. Otherwise, he’d have become the youngest person to have reached the peak of the true god realm!”

Another young female genius chimed in, likewise, she worshipped and admired the Second Young Master Hunt immensely.

“Brat, come on. You won’t be able to get away this time!”

Chet stretched out his hand, the chi energy on it began to surge incessantly. The chi energy on his body also dispersed and blended into the surrounding, making the leaves under his feet flew and fluttered around him.

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