No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1369

“We need to run! Quickly!” The other members of the Hunt family started to fly away and attempted to escape when they saw that Second Young Master Hunt was no longer able to stand his ground against the attack.

Chet could not bear it anymore after the explosion occurred. All his leaves had been destroyed and he vomited a mouthful of blood. Already heavily wounded before, his face turned extremely pale after he was gravely injured again.

About half of the power from Jack’s attack came toward him.

“No!” shrieked Chet. When he realized he no longer had the time to escape, he gritted his teeth and quickly formed a small Chi protective layer around his being to surround himself.

Jack’s remaining attack pummeled against the protective Chi layer the moment it was formed.

Second Young Master Hunt had hoped that the protective Chi layer could tank at least half of the attack for him, but unexpectedly, the protective layer burst into pieces and fell apart in less than a second after the attack landed on it.

The terrifying attack burst on Second Young Master Hunt’s body, and it sent him flying several meters far.

Several trees broke and fell to the ground as his body crashed against them. In the end, Second Young Master Hunt laid on the ground like a dead dog that could not even move a finger.

Jack once again appeared in front of Second Young Master Hunt in a flash. At this moment, Second Young Master Hunt’s eyes were filled with disbelief as he spouted mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood.

Jack had a cold expression on his face as he raised the sword in his hands.

“How… How dare you want to kill me? I’m the Hunt family’s second young master. Young man, if you kill me…” Second Young Master Hunt threatened Jack with his faint breath.

Unfortunately, Jack had stabbed him with his sword before he finished his sentence. Blood spluttered out and Second Young Master Hunt died just like that.

Jack knelt and picked up Chet’s martial ring.

At that moment, blood audibly sputtered out of Jared Hunt’s mouth as he waited outside the forest.

“Master Hunt, what happened?!” asked Trenton immediately as he felt that something was wrong after he saw what happened. Everybody else also looked at Jared.

“Damn it… Somebody killed my son! Chet… Chet has been killed!” So enraged was Jared that his face turned green and his voice trembled—he never thought his son would die. Apart from that, the competition had just started for a couple of days.

“That’s impossible. How do you know that, Master Hunt?” The other family masters were in disbelief when they heard this. They could not believe that a master like Chet would die in such a competition.

Apart from that, nobody would be daring enough to kill him even if his opponent was stronger than him. Although life-and-death matters were placed aside in this competition and nobody could look into what happened after the competition ended, everybody knew how strong and domineering the Hunt family was. Who would dare kill the son of the Hunt family’s master under normal circumstances?

Even if they wanted to kill somebody from the Hunt family, they would have chosen somebody who did not have a high position instead of Chet Hunt.

“The Hunt family has a secret technique, and we’re able to form connections with a person after we inject our mental strength into them. At the very least, we’re able to know if he’s alive or dead.” Jared gritted his teeth as hatred filled his eyes. He wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth as he added, “If the other person died, the person who used this secret technique on him would also be wounded.”

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