No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1370

“Now, the connection between me and my son, Chet…is severed! My son!” Jared seemed to have grown a couple of years older within mere moments as he plunged into despair.

“I’d like to know which family this prodigy who killed the Second Young Master Hunt came from!” came the hushed murmurs among some of them.

“That’s right, this person is really daring. I think only the top master from the Eight Shadow Families are able to do this!” said a family master from the second-class aristocratic family after carefully thinking over it. “It’s considered remarkable for prodigies from aristocratic families like ours to be in the initial or intermediate stage of the true-god level. They don’t have the strength to kill the Second Young Master Hunt!”

“My… My son had already broken through to the true-god level’s final stage before he entered the forest, and he also has a middle-grade spiritual tool with him! Who’d be strong enough to kill him? I want to know, now!” The furious Jared tightened his fists, unable to register his son’s death.

Although life-and-death was also a personal responsibility during the previous competitions, the competitions were carried out on a stage in a one-on-one configuration. Apart from that, the competition was considered over when one of them proactively admitted defeat and jumped off the stage.

He had his reasons for choosing to have a tangled fight in the forest under Kobe Mountain.

He wanted the members of the Hunt family to kill as many prodigies from the first-class aristocratic families as possible. If he succeeded, the families would face a gap between old and new prodigies. By then, the Hunt family would maintain their indisputable first-place ranking.

That was also the reason he repeatedly stressed that life and death were personal responsibilities in this competition. Nobody was allowed to investigate what happened during the competition after it ended.

He never would have imagined that his second son would die inside the forest.

“He had broken through into the true-god level’s final stage and still got killed? Whoever killed him must be in the true-god level’s final stage too!” Family Master Lagorio immediately thought about Jack when he heard this. Even if the Hunt family did not look into this right away, the members of the Hunt family would surely hate the White family if he framed the White family for Chet’s death.

Trenton immediately walked forward and spoke after he thought about this, “Master Hunt, I don’t think there are many who can manage this, and there’s a huge possibility that it’s that young man, Jack White. That guy is extremely talented and has a rather daunting combat power. I met his punch before, and I know how scary his true strength is!”

Nash was furious when he heard this. How could he not know what the b*stard Trenton was trying to do?

He immediately walked forward and said, “Master Hunt, you can’t listen to the nonsense Master Lagorio talks about; this old fella is obviously lying through his teeth. How can my son match up to the second young master when he had just broken through to the true-god level’s intermediate stage recently? All of you know that our relationship with the Lagorio family is extremely bad right now, and he’s blatantly trying to frame us for this!”

“Haha… I still think that there’s a huge possibility that this is your son’s doings. We all know that Second Young Master Chet Hunt pursued Eldest Young Mistress Helena Cabello previously, but Helena publicly kissed your son on the streets and said that the two of them are lovers!”

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