No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1375

Venus offered the rings to Jack after careful consideration.

Everybody knew that since members of the Hunt family roamed with Second Young Master Hunt, putting the other things apart, they must have handed all the tokens they got to him. That meant Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring stashed various valuable items in it.

“Alright, I’ll thankfully accept it.” Jack did not act hypocritically. He flipped his hand and took out the first-grade premium pill he cultivated previously before handing it to Venus. “I didn’t disappoint you, and I’ve succeeded in cultivating the pill this time. This is a gift to you, as promised.”

“Oh, my! What did you give her? Let me see it!” Jack and the others did not expect Helena to fly toward them with over 20 people at that moment.

“A first-grade premium pill!” Helena inhaled deeply when she saw the pill in her second sister’s hand and gushed, “Impressive, Jack, you have such a high-grade pill! But why did you give this to my second sister?”

Jack immediately felt a wave of embarrassment swept through him. He never thought this fake girlfriend of his would come at this moment when he gave the pill to Venus.

It looked like he would be tricked into giving out another pill.

Venus smilingly commented, “Eldest sister, this boyfriend of yours is a treasure. He knows how to cultivate pills, and this pill is the fruit of his labor. This means he’s a first-grade premium alchemist. Isn’t that astounding? No wonder my eldest sister would fall for him and even forcefully kiss him!”

Helena blushed a crimson color when Venus said that; she commented in such a way because she obviously knew Jack and her were only faking it. Their third sister was his girlfriend. Venus’s comment stunned her.

She could not help but roll her eyes at Venus. She soon thought about something and her eyes immediately lit up. She then pretended to walk forward and hold Jack’s shoulder as she said, “Look at you, Jack. You gave my sister a first-grade premium pill, and you haven’t given your girlfriend, me, anything! Shouldn’t you give me a pill too?”

Daniella’s sisters made her flustered. Who would have expected that her elder and second sisters would pretend to not know about her relationship with Jack just so they could blackmail pills from him?

Jack was embarrassed as he was being stared at by the members of the Cabello family who did not know the truth. He could only bite the bullet and continue the act. “Alright, alright, alright… How can I forget about you? Don’t worry. I’ll help cultivate one for you when I have time!”

“Eldest Young Mistress, isn’t… Isn’t this Second Young Master Hunt?” One of the young men who flew over with Helena only realized the body on the ground and inspected it, and the corpse grew more familiar to his memory the longer he looked at it. He inhaled in fright after he walked over to take a look.

“Second Young Master Hunt?” Helena immediately appeared beside the body in a flash, and a frown appeared on her face as she glanced at the body. She looked at Jack and the others before she asked, “Who killed him? Are you the ones who did this?”

“Elder sister, your boyfriend is really strong. He’s the one who killed him!” Venus purposely said with a smile. She even glanced at Daniella, who was beside them, to see if she would be jealous.

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