No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1376

“You killed him? Do… Do you have such strong combat power?” Helena, who Second Young Master Hunt nearly killed before, was shocked to the core when she learned that Jack was the one who killed him.

Jack smiled helplessly. “I can’t deny it when so many people saw it.”

“It’s really you!” Helena was in a daze, seemingly unable to comprehend the revelation within such a short moment. She had no idea that Jack was so strong.

She considered it and walked to glance at Jack before she spoke skeptically, “Could it be that you’ve broken through? Have you broken through into the final stage of the true-god level? It’d be difficult for you to kill him if you haven’t broken through, right? I remembered that you brought me to escape before.”

Jack smiled bitterly before he explained to Helena, “Didn’t I tell you previously that there were people eyeing us fighting from the dark? If I killed him back then, members of the Hunt family would easily know about it, and I was worried about the trouble that would cause. Also, I didn’t kill him back then because I didn’t want to offend the Hunt family.”

Jack paused here before he continued, “This time, however, he was the one who came searching for us. He even said that he’d do despicable things to Venus and Daniella after he killed the others. I killed him because there were no outsiders here!”

“Oh, I see!” Helena finally realized what had happened. Jack had indeed mentioned to her that he would have killed Second Young Master Hunt if nobody was secretly observing their fight. Helena thought that Jack was boasting back then and did not pay much attention to it.

Who would have imagined that this guy really had the strength to do it.

“Eldest Young Mistress, Young Master Jack truly overwhelmingly powerful and outstanding. The two of you are a match made in heaven! I really hope that I get to enjoy your wedding dinner sooner or later!” gushed a man from the Cabello family.

“That’s right, Eldest Young Mistress. You truly have good insight, and it’s no surprise now that you insisted on staying single all these years. Turns out, you’ve been waiting for the person fated to be with you. Not only you, but any other woman wouldn’t be able to control themselves around such an outstanding man!” A young woman glanced at Jack and said to Helena, “All of us envy you so much!”

“That’s right, Eldest Young Mistress. Not only is he extremely talented and is able to kill somebody from a higher level, but he’s also capable of cultivating pills. He’s a first-grade premium alchemist at such a young age—who knows how good he’ll grow to be?” Another young woman was also extremely envious of Helena.

Helena felt abashed and sheepish. She found herself teetering on the thought, sometimes, that it would have been amazing if Jack truly was her boyfriend. This guy became increasingly outstanding the more she observed him, and it helped that he was also quite handsome.

It was also a boon that she could enjoy the envious looks people sent their way.

However, she shook her head and silently told herself to not overthink it as he was her sister’s boyfriend.

She smiled and said to the crowd, “Alright, let’s go. We need to quickly leave this place, as it’ll be troublesome if others saw and knew that we’re the ones that killed Second Young Master Hunt.”

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