No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1379

“Young man, we’re members of the Hunt family. Does the White family want to go against our Hunt family?” The man from the Hunt family turned around to look at them before arrogantly speaking, “We’ve got our sights on these people from the Tudor family. Are you people wanting to get involved in this trouble?”

“You mentioned just now that this is the rule, and we’re allowed to kill as we like! Are members of the Hunt family playing favorites and are on a higher pedestal?” With a flip of his hand, Jack took his sword out.

Members of the White family and Cabello family immediately flew over and surrounded the opponents.

“Amazing! The White family is amazing!”

“That’s right. Never thought the Cabellos would help us, too!” The Tudors were at the brink of despair before they came. After all, there were fewer of them compared to the opponents, and they were no match for the Hunts who had higher fighting prowess.

They never expected they would come to a turning point at this moment.

“You people need to consider this carefully. What you’re doing is crossing the Hunt family, and you’re standing against the Hunts!” The man from the Hunt family was so frightened that his voice trembled when he saw Jack and the others taking action. In the past, everybody they met had to honor them no matter where they were, so long as they mentioned they were from the Hunt family.

Alas, it backfired this time.

“Haha… You were the ones who mentioned that weaklings deserved to be killed!” Jack laughed and waved his hand. “Kill them!”

“Attack!” The Tudors straightened themselves in an imposing manner. The fire in their heart was fueled as they could finally exact revenge.

The surrounded opposing party—about 50 of them—were no match for Jack and the others. Not only were they outnumbered, but their fighting prowess were not as high as Jack and the Cabello sisters. The battle at this area ended within one minute.

“Thank you, Young Master Jack!”

“Thank you to the three beauties of the Cabello family!”

Every member of the Tudor family was extremely thankful as they stepped forward to thank Jack and the others.

“It looks like the people from the Trevino family have formed an alliance with them too. They must’ve agreed to this from earlier on.” Jack smiled bitterly as he glanced at the bodies on the ground. “It’s good that we noticed something was wrong about them and killed quite a lot of them.”

“What does that mean? Are these three families conspiring something?” A man from the Tudor family frowned with a puzzled look on his face.

Jack nodded and surmised, “Yes. They must’ve agreed to kill members of the other families together and not let anybody go, even if they surrendered or hand over their tokens. They’re doing this to solidify the Hunt family’s position! Surely, I believe that the Hunts promised some benefits to the Lagorio family and Trevino family!”

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