No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1380

“The Hunts truly are despicable. I’ll definitely inform the family master about this after we leave this place alive!” growled the man from the Tudor family as hatred filled his eyes.

At that moment, the White and the Cabello families have collected all the martial rings from those lying on the ground.

“How should we allocate these?” Jack frowned as he looked at Helena.

Helena had a matching frown, clueless as to how to distribute the items they had.

The Tudors immediately stepped forward and humbly spoke, “Thank you for rescuing us. We won’t take any of these items, so you can just distribute them among yourselves!”

Helena thought about it for a moment before she said, “How about this, Jack: This time, you guys get sixty percent while us Cabellos take the remaining 40 percent. In the future, let’s form an alliance with the Tudors. My family and the Tudors shall take thirty percent each in the future while your White family gets forty. How does that sound?”

Jack was taken aback to hear her suggestion. “Won’t you guys suffer losses with this plan? If I get the most number of items every time, won’t you guys be unable to surpass our White family in terms of collecting tokens?”

Helena smiled indifferently. “So what? You have the highest combat power, and even I am not your opponent. It’ll be good enough if you don’t take our tokens. Apart from that, you’re the strongest, so you do the most work and you’ve even rescued our lives. It’s no issue if you take more!”

The members of the Tudor family chimed in as they smilingly approved, “That’s right. What could be more important than our lives? If you guys didn’t come on time, we would’ve been dead by now. It’ll be in the best interest to form an alliance with both families!”

Daniella, on the other hand, rolled her eyes at Jack. “Why are you regarding yourself as an outsider? We’ll agree to this, got it? Apart from that, your White family had never entered the top seven position, and your best results in the past had been the eighth place. There were even instances where you were positioned behind the tenth position. Don’t you want to earn the championship for the White family?”

“Alright them. Since you guys proposed this and supported it, I’d like to thank everybody for this opportunity!” spoke Jack as he gestured to the crowd with his hands.

“Let’s quickly allocate the items and go to the mountaintop. We should immediately gather any members from our families when we meet them on the way,” suggested Helena smartly after giving it a thought. “We can’t allow others to fall alone at this moment. It’ll be troublesome if any of them bump into people from the Hunt family, Lagorio family, and Trevino family.”

“Alright!” agreed Jack after he assessed the situation. “The most troublesome part right now is still the First Young Master Hunt and the others. I’ve already killed the Trevino family’s prodigy, Nathan Trevino. The masters from the Lagorio family had been killed while Second Young Master Hunt had also died. Right now, our main threat is First Young Master Hunt!”

“Second Young Master Hunt is also dead?” The Tudors inhaled sharply when they heard this, unable to believe it.

They could accept that Jack killed the masters from the Hunt family to rescue them back there, but Second Young Master Hunt was the son of the Hunt family’s master. Jack and the others were really gutsy to have killed him.

“That’s right! Second Young Master Hunt is dead!”

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