No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1381

Helena nodded before she glanced at the Tudors and reminded them, “I hope that everybody can keep this a secret and not tell anybody who killed him, understand? Although the rules were set, it’ll still trouble us in the future once the Hunts’ family master knows who killed his son.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely keep this a secret,” promised every member of the Tudor family present as they patted their chest in their vow.

Helena thought about it and a frown graced her features once more as she turned to Jack. “Jack, what if we bump into the First Young Master Hunt?” she spoke. “It’ll be nothing if we don’t meet him; a fight would be inevitable if we bump into him! This guy has a much stronger combat power compared to the second young master!”

Jack fell silent for a good while before he solemnly answered, “Let’s see how things go by then. If we don’t have a choice, we can only think of a way to kill him. We can’t allow him to kill our people however he likes!”

“I’m aware you’ve got an impressive combat power, but I’m still worried. I’m worried about the trouble we’ll be in if he manages to run away. Apart from that, we also need to kill the person from the Hunt family that escaped back there!” Helena was evidently anxious. She feared that the Hunt family would learn about what had happened.

Jack sighed, feeling relatively low-spirited. “It’ll be for the best if we don’t bump into them. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best if we happen to run into them.” It had to be mentioned that both young masters of the Hunt family were incredibly talented. Second Young Master Hunt was already quite good, and the first young master was, in fact, better than him. This made Jack rather unsure as he had no idea if he could manage to kill him.

“Don’t worry. I believe in Jack—he can definitely do it!” attested Daniella faithfully as she was all too confident in Jack.

The group soon separated their trophies. Sure enough, Helena and the others knew that Jack knew how to cultivate pills, so they allowed him to get first pick on the ingredients suitable for cultivating pills in terms of spirited grass while they took what was left.

That evening, they could not find a cave large enough for all of them to rest in. Apart from that, Helena, Venus, and the others had quite a high fighting prowess, so there was no need for that. They found an empty plot of land and started a fire. They were prepared to spend the night surrounding the bonfire while arranging for several people to take turns in keeping watch.

Jack was free but he did not let time go to waste. He took the pill furnace out and started cultivating pills. After all, he had promised to give Helena a first-grade premium pill, and Jack did not want to owe her anything. He wanted to give her the pill as soon as possible so the burden would be lifted off of his mind.

However, the first batch of ingredients failed at the most crucial part this time around. The second time, Jack took another batch of ingredients out and successfully cultivated the pill.

“I did it!” Jack looked at the pill in his hands and nodded in satisfaction. “The color of this pill is quite good!”

“Haha…! This is for me, right?” Helena looked at the pill with anticipation. The pill’s faint aroma made her swallow her saliva.

“Of course, it’s what I’ve promised you!” Jack smiled and was inwardly speechless. These three beauties had managed to get three pills from him, and the astounding part was that their excuses made him feel like he had to give it to them.

After giving the pill to Helena, Jack found a place before he started to look at the second-grade elementary pill remedy he got from Second Young Master Hunt’s martial ring, considering the sun had not risen yet and it was still early. Images of how to cultivate this pill appeared in his head while he inspected the pill remedy.

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