No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1382

Another two days passed and Jack and the others had met members from the Tudor family and Cabello family on their way, which increased the size of their group.

Jack and his group took no prisoners when members from the Hunt family, the Trevino family, and the Lagorio family came to attack them. Jack took 40 percent of the trophies they obtained while the Tudors and the Cabellos took 30 percent each.

At that moment, everyone saw the changes on the huge blue light cover from outside the cover.

“Have you seen that? There must be about two hundred people from that group of people, no? They’ve consistently eliminated light spots and are still increasing in number!” An elder from one of the families could not help but sighed. “At this moment, there aren’t too many people who move alone; they’ve gathered into groups that are formed by dozens of people or tens of people. There are also groups that are almost hundreds of people. However, there are only two groups with an impressive number of people!”

“That’s right. I wonder which family these people belong to? They had gathered so many people so quickly! There’s another group of light spots with quite a huge number of people, but they’re staying at that place and aren’t moving. The people from this light group are slowly approaching the other group. I’m afraid the other light spots are going to go out soon!” Somebody once again analyzed the situation on the screen. There were only about ten days left for the competition, and about one-third of the light spots on the screen had disappeared.

This meant that one-third of the prodigies overall had died in the forest.

Many members from various families started to experience a wave of heartache, especially members from the second-class and third-class aristocratic families. After all, the masters from these families did not have a high fighting prowess and were not comparable to the eight shadow families. They wondered how many from their families had died.

The most crucial part was that since there were ten days left, most of the people had started to move toward Kobe Mountain, situated at the heart of the forest, to gather. People would surely drop like flies once they meet at the mountain, much faster than ever before. If that was the case, some of the families would suffer a huge loss.

“Master, do you think that the largest group of light spots are members of our family?” The Hunt family’s First Elder walked two steps forward and spoke to Jared softly after he glanced at the screen. “The Second young master might be dead, but don’t worry about it—the first young master will surely find the killer and kill him to avenge the second young master!”

Jared’s heart ached at the thought of his second son. He gritted his teeth and said with a low voice, “I wonder which master is capable enough to kill Chet. Hopefully, the eldest is able to avenge his younger brother!”

“Don’t worry, Master. Cloud will surely avenge Young Master Chet,” comforted the Hunts’ First Elder.

He paused for a short while before he continued, “No matter how it is, our second young master won’t be lonely as prodigies from other families are accompanying him in the afterlife.”

Jared, however, smiled bitterly. “Unfortunately, we’ve suffered too big of a loss this time. Chet isn’t only talented, but he’s also an alchemist. A second-grade alchemist! He may be able to cultivate second-grade premium pills after a couple of years. By then, our Hunt family will be…”

Jared’s heart was filled with regret when he thought of this. He regretted his impatience. Truth be told, it was already very difficult to sway the Hunt family’s position. His son was capable of cultivating second-grade premium pills, and that was extremely helpful to people in the intermediate or final stages of the true-god level. What did their Hunt family have to be afraid of?

The group that showed up as over 200 light spots on the screen, and the light spots at the bottom of Kobe Mountain, finally converged into one group. Everybody started to pay attention to that area as they wanted to see if there would be a fight. After all, although they did not know the situation inside, they were able to determine the situation inside by observing the activity of the light spots and if the light spots would suddenly disappear.

They soon noted, however, that none of the light spots in that area disappeared. This meant that no fights happened there as those people had instead banded together.

“This is great. Look: I was right when I said that the young master asked us to wait here!”

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