No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1384

“These Trevino people have really become dogs of the Hunt family!”

Helena also flew up, but she did not follow Jack to fly over because she knew that Jack should be able to handle them easily on his own.

In this competition, the only person who could was a match for him right now was probably the eldest master of the Hunt family!

“Everyone, hurry up! Speed up, speed up, a little further, there should be people from our White family, Master Jack asked them to wait here. Let’s continue flying, if there are some people from our White family in a while, we will be saved!”

The young girl who flew in front was in the late stage of the Demi-God Realm. Such a cultivation base was already very good.

However, her arms were stained red with blood, her forehead was covered with sweat, and her face was slightly pale. She was obviously injured quite seriously and tired.

Behind her, there were seven or eight people, some of them were from the Tudor family, and the others were from the White family.

In the back, there were more than 20 people from Hunt’s family, and they launched a frantic pursuit of them.

“Chase them down, we can’t let them get away!”

There was a man in the Trevino family with a vicious look on his face leading his men and flinging his sword out in front of him.

A sword aura shot out straight ahead.

“Damn it!”

A man from the White family saw the sword aura coming straight to him, and he was clearly within the opponent’s attack range. He gritted his teeth and stopped directly, “You go on first, I’ll stall them for a while. If you find help, you must avenge me!”

“Brother Cedric!”

A woman looked back and her eyes were red. Cedric White and her grew up together. The relationship between the two was like a brother and sister. She knew that if Cedric stayed, he would definitely die.

But there was no way, if one person is not left to stall the enemies, it is possible that everyone will die here. There were already several people who had stayed behind in order to buy time for everyone.

“Look, someone has come to help us!”

A member of the Tudor family was ecstatic when he saw someone flying over here.

“There is only one person, what’s the use? If their cultivation base is low, it’s still a death sentence.”

Another Tudor family member smiled bitterly.

“No, he is very fast, it… It looks like the White family’s Young Master!”

The Tudor family member quickly saw Jack clearly and was happy.

Behind him, Cedric barely managed to defend the opponent’s sword aura, but he was also tired after fighting for a long time and fleeing for a long time. There was not much aura left in his body.

“Go to hell!”

The other Trevino family member on the opposite side directly performed a martial art, clenched his fist, and blasted out a punch in front of him. Suddenly, a fist formed by aura appeared, and went straight towards Cedric ahead.

“Damn it, am I going to die?”

Cedric didn’t have time to look back. He believed that he managed to help and delayed the opponents for a while, so that at least Rain and the others could fly farther. In this case, they would have a bigger chance to survive.

If the people of the White family discovered them, they should have a chance to be saved.

However, just as he was about to grit his teeth and attack again, a figure flashed and appeared directly in front of him. With a clenched fist, he didn’t even use the aura, and he blasted out with a punch.

“It’s too late to even use aura. When it’s over, will he die?”

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