No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1385

Cedric was taken aback for a moment, and he was so frightened that he thought it was someone who ran away with him, and turned back again.

While he was moved in his heart, he felt that the other party was too stupid. If one more came back, wouldn’t he die too?

However, he soon felt they looked familiar from the back, looking so stalwart.

“It’s Master Jack!”

He quickly recognized Jack, and he was very excited. Jack is a strong man in the middle of the True God Realm. Although Jack did not use martial arts, he is strong. The martial skill of a demi-god realm late stage level does not seem to be a difficult opponent for him.

Sure enough, a terrible roar sounded, and Jack easily exploded the aura fist in front with a single punch, turning it into powder.

“Damn, who?”

Those Trevino family members, after seeing this scene, were frightened one by one, and stopped immediately, not daring to pursue them.

Those from the White Family and Tudor Family who had fled before, panted one by one, and stopped.

“This guy seems to be the young master of the White family!”

A master from the Trevino family frowned. After thinking about it carefully, his face became more and more ugly: “Damn, this kid, is in the middle stages of True God Realm!”

“Run!” Of the twenty-odd people on the opposite side, none of them were in True God Realm. After recognizing Jack, all of them were so scared that they turned around and starting to flee, the previous pretentious and sweeping aura has long since disappeared.

Jack swept his sword several times in a row, and sent out with a terrifying arc-shaped sword aura.

A dozen guys were cut into two, and after being cleaved apart, they fell from the air.

“Big wave impact!”

Jack sent another big wave impact, and all the other people were also beheaded.

“Master, you, you appeared too timely, I thought I was going to die!”

Cedric looked at Jack, extremely grateful.

Cedric was a master selected by Jack from a branch family. When he first chose him, he was only at the initial stage of the demi-god realm, not far from the mid-stage of the demi-god realm. Now he is already in the late stage of demi-god realm. It can be said that this talent is already extremely good.

“These people from the Trevino family are really looking for death!” Jack looked at the corpses on the ground, and then smiled at everyone: “Don’t worry, the injured should heal their injuries first and take a rest for two days. The others are there inside the woods.”

“Master Jack, can you help us? We still have dozens of Tudor family members, as well as our young master, who are still surrounded by people over there. We finally broke off from them with the intent of finding help!”

A woman from the Tudor family flew over and looked at Jack pleadingly: “I beg you, Master Jack, there are so many people in the White family over there. If there is more, please help! We will definitely remember your great kindness!”

“Are there many people surrounding your young masters? Probably how many people?”

Jack immediately asked when he heard it.

“It is estimated that there are fifty or sixty people from the Tudor family. I don’t know how many there are. Those who surround us are about a hundred. mainly from the Lagorio family and the Trevino family! By the way, there should be a few more people from the White family, who have been with our young master and haven’t escaped yet.”

The woman said after thinking about it.

“Okay, you all can go over to the others and rest first, I will take you there!”

Jack flipped his palm, took out the flying sword, threw it in the air. The flying sword grew bigger, and the woman jumped up, and they flew off in the direction of the battle.

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