No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1387

“Master, Master, look! Someone is coming over there!” At this moment, a man from the Tudor family suddenly saw a flying sword above him, quickly approaching.

Hearing that someone was coming, Rufus was happy at first. When he saw only two people, his smile instantly faded. What’s the use of just two people coming?

“Perhaps they are passing by!” Rufus smiled bitterly at last, and said helplessly.

“Yes, it’s the young master of the White family!”

Soon, another guy recognized Jack with a smile on his face.

“Really? That’s great, his cultivation is in the middle stage of the True God Realm!”

Hearing that it was Jack, Rufus’s originally hopeless mood became a little excited.

“He has a flying sword, if we can rush in, maybe we can use the flying sword to escape, even if we escape halfway, that’s fine!”

Another woman, after thinking about it for a while, was also ignited in her heart with a glimmer of hope.

The man from the Trevino family twitched slightly at the corner of his mouth: “Do you really dare to come?”

He clenched his fist and blasted his fist directly at Jack: “You are alone, I think it’s time to kill you! This will be a great achievement!”

As he blasted out with a punch in front of him, an aura fist appeared, and went straight to Jack.

Jack stopped not far from there, and after a cold snort, he also clenched his fist and blasted his fist out.

In front of Jack, there was also a huge aura fist. but this aura fist was obviously much larger than the opponent’s aura fist, and it seemed to be a lot more solid.

A huge roar sounded, and the opponent’s fist soon cracked, and the cracks continued to spread. Finally, it exploded with a bang and turned into dust.

And the fist that Jack blasted out, with some remaining energy, continued to move forward and came in front of the Trevino man.

When the Trevino man saw the situation, his face was gloomy. He had no time to gather more aura, so he could only grit his teeth and blast out with his fist.

He believed that although he did not use aura and did not have time to use martial arts, he was a powerhouse in the mid-True God Realm. The opponent’s attack had already been decreased by 70% or 80% just now, so he should be able to easily accept take the attack.

There was another terrible roar. In the next second, Jack’s attack hit him.The Trevino man was shocked by this powerful force. After being thrown back several tens of meters, he barely was able to stabilize himself and catch his footing.

The Trevino man spit out a mouthful of blood, his face was shocked “How can this kid’s combat effectiveness be so strong?”

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