No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1390

“Haha, you, you are too greedy!” Rufus laughed loudly “Killing so many of them this time satisfied me. If you came later, I guess we would be dead!”

“Yeah, Master Jack, thanks to you, otherwise we would be dead. Those guys wouldn’t give up!” A master from the White family said with emotion.

“Let’s go, clean up the battlefield first, I will take you with my flying sword afterward, and go to meet the White Family, Cabello Family, and Tudor Family!”

Jack smiled and said to everyone.

“Tudor family? Is there anyone from the Tudor family over there?” After Rufus heard this, his eyes lit up and he was happy.

“Not a lot! They are all waiting for us in the woods under the mountain!” Jack nodded and said.

“Tudor family come here!” Rufus called the Tudor family over, then knelt down and bowed to Jack: “Thank you, Master Jack for saving us. Your great kindness, it will be remembered forever!”

Thank you, Master Jack for your kindness, we will never forget!” The other masters, now kneeling on the ground, in front of Jack shouted.

“Get up all of you, this is too much, it’s no big deal!” Jack was embarrassed and called everyone up in a hurry.

“Master Jack, I will give you all the spoils for a while!” Rufus said directly after thinking about it.

“No? You killed so many people from the Trevino family and Lagorio family and you want to give me all the spoils?”

After Jack listened, his face showed his shock, wondering if he had heard it wrong.

“Yeah, I’ll give it all to you. If it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I would not see the sun tomorrow in Rufus. You must keep it!” Rufus said while the other went to collect the loot.

“Well, I’ll hold it for now. When we are about to leave the arena, let’s see how many tokens there are. Then, let’s distribute it again. Otherwise, I will be far ahead of everyone. I’m afraid it’s not good, right?” Jack smiled, facing Rufus.

Jack knew very well in his heart that he would be happy if the spirit grass was given to him, but if all the tokens were given to him, at that time, his tokens alone would be several times that of other family master tokens. This is too difficult to explain.

When the time comes, even if the Hunt family has no evidence, they will doubt him.

“Haha, okay, anyway, you have to take the first place, it does not matter if we have tokens or not, this time, you must get the first place!”

Rufus paused, then said: “By the way, brother Jack, I have decided that you will be my eldest brother in the future. I really admire you. The fact that you can come back from the common world and cultivate to the point where you are today is definitely not easy. From now on, I will be your little brother, and you will be my elder brother!”

Jack’s expression was a little weird, and he was humbled: “That’s not good, but you are the son of the Tudor Family Master, how can you recognize me as the eldest brother? No? I know how many people look down on me because I came back from the common world. They look down on me as an illegitimate child. If you recognize me as a big brother, I am afraid that you will be laughed at!”

“Laughed at? Who dares laugh at me behind my back? I will kill them!”

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