No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1392

“No? Did I hear you wrong? You want to be his little brother?”

Helena’s face had a weird expression. This is the son of the Tudor family Master, and his status is very noble. Moreover, their Tudor family is among the Eight Shadow Families, and their status is similar to that of their Cabello family which is incredible.

“Little brother or not little brother, you are a brother!” Jack smiled bitterly and hurriedly explained.

“Hey, anyway, I’ll listen to you from now on!” Rufus smiled, patted his chest and said: “Anyway, my life was saved by my eldest brother, and my life will be his in the future!”

“Okay, let’s take a good rest for two days first. There shouldn’t be too much time until the games are over. After two days of rest, when we are at full strength, it will not be too late for us to go up the mountain!” Jack looked at everyone and said last.

Everyone just jumped off the flying sword one by one and landed on the ground. Some people took out healing pills and started to sit on the ground to heal their injuries. while others took out spirit grass or spirit stones and started absorbing the aura in it and restoring the spiritual power in the body.

“There are too many people here, especially your White family. You have gathered so many people here!”

After seeing so many people here, Rufus was also relieved: “Haha, now Brother Jack and the three master beauties of the Cabello family are here. We are completely safe. Then, I think we will wait until the time is up. When the game is over, we can go out!”

“Now, The only worry is Young Master Hunt. Other second-class families and third-class families are basically nothing to worry about.”

Daniella also sat down next to him: “Several masters from the Lagorio family have died. The Trevino family also lost a lot of masters. People in their family would probably be very angry if they knew it.”

“Well, let’s try our best to gather people from our own family. Gather together, and reduce unnecessary sacrifices!”

Jack nodded.

“Master Jack, over there, there are a few people over there, coming here!”

There were two people standing on the tree watching around, wanting to see if anyone from the White family came here, everyone continued waiting.

“Really? No one is chasing them?”

Jack stood up, faintly happy. hoping that the more White family members can come, the better. In this case, it means that they still have many family members alive.

“Uh, no, they seem to be escaping again. There is a monster beast chasing them!”

One of the guys looked at Jack and said, “It’s a bit far away, I don’t know what the cultivation level of that monster beast is!”

“Well, I see, I’ll pick them up!”

Jack flew directly, and after taking a look, he flew straight in that direction.

Several members of the White family were flying forward desperately, and behind them, a giant python followed closely with a terrible roar.

“Hurry up, everyone, hurry up, we’re going to the place we agreed!”

Martin swept out behind him with a sword, and urged the person in front of him.

At this time, Martin, like Liah, had reached the initial stage of the True God Realm cultivation.

They looked down on Jack and wanted to compete with Jack for the position of heir to the Master, but they were defeated by Jack, leaving them speechless.

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