No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1393

Now, both of them have finally broken through to the initial stage of the True God Realm. However, Jack has already broken through to the middle stage of the True God Realm, and this level of cultivation exceeds them. With such combat effectiveness, this made their hearts completely convinced.

“The skin of this monster beast is too hard. Had we not been in the initial stage of the True God Realm, neither of us would have been a match for it either.”

Liah also said helplessly while fighting the giant python, “Take a look at this giant python, it’s not merely in the initial stage of the True God Realm, it is estimated that it is not far away from breaking through to the middle stage of the True God Realm!”

“Yes, the two of us are no match for it at all, I don’t know if Master Jack has arrived at the agreed place and is waiting for us! If he is not there, wouldn’t we lead this giant python following us to hurt more White family members?”

Martin quickly thought of something and couldn’t help his face sinking, increasingly worried.

Liah also sighed, “Yeah, what can we do? If the White family was waiting there, there are not many in the True God Realm, they are all at the Demi-God stage, then wouldn’t it hurt everyone?”

“I don’t know if Beth and the others are there or not, there are still several in the early stage of the True God Realm, I’m afraid they haven’t rushed over!”

Martin threw out another sword aura, and got closer. As they neared the agreed place, his heart became more and more worried.

“Look, it’s Master, Great! He found us, he is here!”

At this moment, Liah quickly saw Jack flying over here, and she was instantly overjoyed.

“It’s really him, great. If he comes, we will be saved!”

Seeing it was Jack, Martin’s face showed ecstasy. Jack’s cultivation was in the middle of True God Realm, and his fighting power was even more terrifying. If he came, there would be nothing to be afraid of this giant python.

There were several openings in the giant python’s body, and blood flowed from there.

However, for such a huge body, this injury does not seem to be a big deal. On the contrary, the injured python was completely enraged. After a roar, it suddenly leapt forward, accelerating up unexpectedly. It charged directly towards Martin.

“This damn beast, it’s speed is too fast!” When Martin saw the situation, he was also very frightened, he hurriedly squeezed his fists, and when he had no time to dodge, he hurriedly covered his fists with aura, and smashed the python’s head.

A slightly dull sound sounded, and in the next second, Martin was sent flying through the air. After finally stabilizing himself, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

The giant python also looked like it had been smashed down two or three meters, but it soon stopped, and then roared, ready to charge towards Martin again.

At this moment, Liah threw out a terrible sword aura, and it fell on the python.

The giant python twisted its head and lashed out its tail.

“Not good!”

Seeing the situation, Liah secretly sensed something was wrong , and hurriedly formed an aura shield on her body.

The aura shield on her body was destroyed by the giant python’s tail. The giant python’s tail landed on Liah’s body which sent her flying.

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