No. 1 Supreme Warrior – Chapter 1400

“Yes, Master Cloud, I saw it with my own eyes! This kid killed the second master!”

The man was very angry: “However, I believe this kid is definitely not your opponent this time. That kid is looking for death!”

” Revenge is possible!” Cloud’s expression was unusually solemn: “It’s just that, if this is the case and this kid is so powerful. I’m afraid he and I will fight for a lot of time. At that time, there will be more people in the other party than us, and we are afraid that many people will die!”

When the people of the The Trevino family and the Lagorio family heard this, each of them looked a little unsightly.

What they originally thought was that they could get on the thighs of the Hunt family and kill as many masters as possible when the time comes, and the Hunt family promised to give them a lot of benefits after the incident is completed. If they come down, they will be able to Rise, and family forces like the White Family and Tudor Family will decline.

At that time, they will definitely be able to directly become a relatively high power in addition to the Hunt family after two or three years.

Unexpectedly, this time it seems that the White family, the Tudor family and the Cabello family are all united together. They even seem to have noticed that we are uniting together and besieging their people. If this continues, I am afraid there will be a lot of sacrifices.

“What’s wrong? It’s time now. Could it be that your two families still want to go back?” Cloud seemed to see the hesitation of the Trevino family and the Lagorio family. His face suddenly sank, and he looked at them hatefully.

“No, no, no such idea!” People from the two families waved their hands in a hurry. they didn’t want to offend Cloud!

“Then follow me!” Cloud waved his hand and said directly.

“Master, you see, the other party actually flew over to us, it seems that he has found us!”

A woman from the Hunt family was surprised when she looked at the front.

Cloud snorted coldly: “Hmph, I think they saw us as being little bit less than them, but they don’t know that I am here!”

After finishing speaking, he took some people with him and went straight ahead.

Soon, the people on both sides stopped and confronted each other.

“Jack, I heard that you killed my brother, right? Today is your death day!”

Cloud looked at Jack hatefully. The relationship between the two brothers was very good. Although Chet didn’t like to practice before, the pills he made, every time a new pill was refined, he would give the first pill to his big brother, which moved Cloud’s heart very much.

“Is it my death day? Are you sure?”

Jack smiled coldly: “Since you already know that I killed your brother, then today, none of the people here will escape!”

After Jack finished speaking, He waved his hand directly and said, “Listen to me, surround them here!”
Suddenly, all the people behind him flew out in an orderly manner, enclosing the group of people on the opposite side.

“You’re trying to keep us from escaping? Let’s see if you can actually do that!” Cloud directly flew higher, then flipped his palm, and a sword appeared in his hand, injecting aura into it.

“Mid-grade spirit weapon ?” After Jack felt the fluctuation of the sword, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and he flew up in a flash taking out his sword.

Helena also flew up in a flash, and then smiled at the other party: “Master Cloud, today, we both fight you!”

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